Yesterday in our newsletter we announced plans to cut our current digital rewards system and we received a lot of feedback from passionate fans. After internalizing the feedback, we’ve made the decision to leave the ability to earn points active until March 8th (one month from now). The last day to redeem your earned rewards points will now be March 30th. After that, we will discontinue our subscription to the rewards software.

The rewards platform we use (Loyalty Lion) costs us a significant amount each month and it is unfortunately not capable of keeping up with the volume of orders we receive. Nearly 50% of orders placed on December 7th, January 1st, January 18th, and January 25th resulted in no points being awarded to those customers – this amounted to well over 25,000 orders. As a result, our customer support team has been bottlenecked fixing digital rewards problems. There is no end in sight for this bottleneck unless the rewards platform is retired.

We made the shift over from the physical loyalty ticket system to the new digital rewards system to reduce the amount of work on the support team’s shoulders. This new system has actually increased active customer support tickets by over 400%. One of the biggest criticisms we are facing as a company right now is how slow our support responses are – if we want to fix that and get back to a 24 hour or less response rate (our goal), we have to ditch this broken digital rewards platform sooner rather than later. We want to provide our customers with the level of customer support they deserve and this rewards platform is not allowing us to do that.

We’re incredibly sorry for any inconveniences that this has caused and we hope you understand the necessity and urgency of the situation. There’s no easy way to roll back a rewards system – this isn’t a thing we wanted to have to do – we just can’t keep hanging on to a broken system. We want to provide you with a higher quality experience in every regard.

As always, thank you for your support. We hope you understand our predicament.

We will be looking into new ways to reward our loyal customers in the future. Without you, we’re nothing, and we want to reward your support in whatever way we can.

To quickly summarize concerns:

  • Digital points will be able to be earned through March 8th.
  • Digital points will be able to be spent through March 30th.
  • Physical loyalty tickets will still be sent out with any games ordered in November 2018 and earlier. We will continue to accept and honor those indefinitely.
  • We will be looking into new ways to reward loyal customers. This is not the end of free stuff.

Thank you again for your support.

- The Limited Run Games team

February 08, 2019