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Limited Run #402: SmuggleCraft Soundtrack Bundle (PS4)


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SmuggleCraft on physical disc for the PlayStation 4. Region free. 

Includes the game's soundtrack on physical CD. The soundtrack bundle is limited to 400 copies available worldwide.

You’ve got a fast hovercraft and a heavy debt. Also, the world is falling apart.

As a smuggler in a society in which travel, trade, and technology are highly regulated and virtually inaccessible for most, your deliveries could decide the fate of your world.

SmuggleCraft is a quest-based hovercraft racing adventure. Pilot your Hovercraft to smuggle contraband, build upgrades, and escape the authorities as you discover the incredible stories of the inhabitants of the unforgiving and troubled world Dirahl.

Genre: Racing, Rogue-like

Players: Local 1-4, Online 1-8

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Production Status: In Production
Estimated Ship Date: TBD