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Estimated Ship Date: Q1 2022

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PS4 Collector's Edition Blind Box 2022


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You will receive one randomly selected mystery PlayStation 4 Collector's Edition from our leftover stock and one random trading card from our collection. There is a possibility that this could include a one-of-a-kind printing plate card, which is an actual metal plate used in the production of our trading cards. You may also receive a rare Limited Run Games autograph card - which can normally only be obtained by meeting a member of our team in person.

These have been priced to the average price of all included game
s, so these blind boxes present a rare opportunity to save money on any Collector's Edition normally priced higher than $62.99!

We will ensure that you do not receive duplicates within the same order. We can not guarantee unique CEs if you order this item across multiple orders.

Please be aware that unlike our other blind boxes, due to the varying size of the CEs - the CEs do not have any specialized blind box packaging. They will be shipped to you as they are.

There is an opportunity to get any of the following CEs: 

Star Wars Racer Revenge Premium Edition
Dragon's Lair Classic Edition
Art of Fighting Anthology
The Last Blade 2
Fatal Fury Battle Archives
King of Fighters '98
Ground Zero Texas
Indigo Prophecy
Outer Wilds
Metal Slug Anthology
Blaster Master Zero Classic
Garou: Mark of the Wolves
Samurai Shodown V Classic Edition
Fu'un Super Combo Classic Edition
Blaster Master Zero II Classic
Psychonauts Psycho-Portal
River City Girls Classic Edition

Due to the random nature of these items - no returns or exchanges are accepted, all sales are final. We can not take requests for specific titles because we do not know what is in each blind box.

WARNING: This item is limited to TWO per customer.

Production Status: In Production
Estimated Ship Date: Q1 2022