Limited Run Trading Cards Booster Pack

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Limited Run Trading Cards Booster Pack
Limited Run Trading Cards Booster Pack
Limited Run Trading Cards Booster Pack

Limited Run Trading Cards Booster Pack

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Limited Run Games Series 2 trading card pack, comes with five cards.

Quantities are LIMITED

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BOOST your Limited Run Trading Card collection!

Each Limited Run Trading Card Booster pack contains 5 cards total from a selection of 80 Series 2 Trading Cards, 9 of which are new and exclusive to our line of packs and hobby boxes!

Quantities are LIMITED

To view the Limited Run Games Trading Card Collection Master Checklist Click Here

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Limited Run Games is a premium publisher of physical games. We’re here to bring your favorite digital releases to life on a number of systems — including the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and 5, retro consoles, and more! Since our founding in 2015 by Josh Fairhurst and Douglas Bogart, we’ve released over 1000 games, including both niche indie games and big collabs with legends like Konami and LucasArts. 

Our bespoke Collector’s Editions have won awards, and we’ve made tons of great collectibles worthy of primo space on any collector’s shelf. Though we live in an increasingly digital world, we like to live by a simple motto: Forever Physical. 

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