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GALF, the hit game within a game from Golf Story, is now available as a fully functional cartridge compatible with the original NES® or your favorite clone console. This cartridge features nine thrilling holes of high-octane 8-bit galfing action. It is playable by one or two players in an all new NES® exclusive VS mode.

There are 1,500 total cartridges being made, 1,050 are grassy green and 450 are golf ball white. You can choose your desired color from the drop down on this page, but beware that the white cartridges may sell out faster!

Each copy of GALF comes in a retro box that has been painstakingly crafted to be as authentic as possible. The box is printed on the same material as original retro boxes and matches the same flap design at the top. The metallic gold ink on the "Limited Run" seal has also been matched to the original seal's ink.

Included in the box is a retro manual, dust sleeve, and of course, a styrofoam block to hold the cartridge up inside the box. Each copy of the game will arrive shrinkwrapped.

The game itself was programmed by Tomas Guinan from Spoony Bard Productions and the boards and cartridge shells are being provided by Infinite NES Lives.

NES is a registered trademark of Nintendo. This release is not endorsed by nor affiliated with Nintendo.

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