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StarHawk (GB)


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StarHawk on physical cartridge for Game Boy and Game Boy compatible consoles and handhelds. Includes a retro box and manual.


As a master mariner aboard the scout ship StarHawk, you have been sent to explore the Evil Empire of Axtar. You were prepared for almost anything - anything but the rampant mutants that infest this raging realm of never-ending combat. Half organic, half technological, the freakish life forms of Axtar have only one instinct: to attack. 

Hordes of alien beasties come at you from all sides and your ship is transported from world to world through fire levels. You shudder at the sight of grotesque globule-emitting eyeballs, terrifying buzzsaw-like energy disks, implacable, poison jetting phenocrysts, and huge end-level bosses. 

As the battle rages on, you'll need nerves of steel and lightning quick reflexes to survive! 

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Production Status: In Production
Estimated Ship Date: October 2021