Digital Digest - February 2023

Digital Digest | February 2023

Our love for games burns with a fiery passion. 🔥🔥🔥

This February, we brought the fire with hot new releases like moon, Maniac Mansion, Shin-Chan, D, and so much more! But apart from these fantastic games that you can pre-order now, we’ve also got some exciting production and shipping updates to share. So strap in, hydrate, and prepare for this hot, hot, hot Digital Digest!

Here’s what’s happening this month at Limited Run!

PC GAMES, GALORE! We’ve been going HAM on the PC games this year. If you miss that whrrr of your disc drive booting up a fresh new game, then this is the release slate for you, with hits including:

  • PowerSlave—Battle hordes of extraterrestrial insects and their various minions based in ancient Egyptian folklore in this first-person shooter.
  • D—The cult-classic horror adventure from the legendary Kenji Eno. You control the main character, Laura, via FMV sequences and must complete the game within two hours without saving or pausing.
  • A Boy and His Blob: Retro Collection—This collection includes the original A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia, and The Rescue of Princess Blobette, brought to life once more with the magic of our Carbon Engine.
  • Return to Monkey Island—Return to Monkey Island is an unexpected, thrilling return of series creator Ron Gilbert that continues the story of the legendary adventure games The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge.
  • LOOM—Have you asked us about LOOM yet? We’ll have you know, it’s the latest masterpiece of fantasy storytelling from Lucasfilms™ Brian Moriarty™? Why it's an extraordinary adventure with an interface of magic, stunning high-resolution, 3D landscapes, sophisticated score and musical effects. Not to mention the detailed animation and special effects, elegant point 'n' click control of characters, objects, and magic spells. Beat the rush! Go out and buy Loom™ today!

Alongside a ton of game-themed goodies, each PC Collector’s Edition comes with the game on CD. But if you don’t have a CD drive, don’t fret. Each also includes the game on a USB stick for easy loading onto our modern, drive-less PCs.

Pre-orders for LOOM and PowerSlave close this weekend, so take this opportunity to pick ‘em up alongside a few more awesome PC releases. We’ve got more awesome Collector’s Editions planned for the next few weeks, Big Box fans, so stay tuned!

ICYMI—An Update on River City Girls!River City Girls Tarot Cards

Hey there, River City Girls fans! This week, we put together an extensive status update on every River City Girls game and merch item still in production. If YOU want to know when to expect your RCG0 Ultimate Edition or just want to get your hands on the tarot cards, click here to read that production update.

February Production Updates

Worms Armageddon | Standard & Collector’s EditionsWe’re happy to announce that Limited Run has worms once again! We’re starting to receive our stock of Worms: Armageddon Game Boy and Nintendo 64 carts. Give us some time to test, inspect, and kit out those incredible Collector’s Editions, and we’ll start getting them shipped out in Q2 2023!toki tori game boy colorRetro Cart Rundown!

When it rains, it pours. Those retro cart delays we saw during the pandemic are slowly starting to shorten, and it seems like we’re getting a lot of progress made on our outstanding retro releases in a short amount of time. Here’s the rundown on where we are with our games still in production from 2022.

Worms—Worms retro carts are currently undergoing testing ahead of final manufacturing. Whether you’re playing on a retro console or newer hardware, we want to ensure the game works perfectly. We’ll have another report in our next Digital Digest once they go into final manufacturing.

A Boy and His Blob—We’ve started to see some of our Game Boy carts come in, and we’re expecting the NES carts to arrive in March. Assembly of the Collector’s Editions and shipping will start in Q2 2023.

Dragon View—Alongside the Blob carts, we’re also slated to receive copies of Dragon View for the SNES this March. Shipping will also begin in Q2 2023.

Kubo 3—Guess what? Carts are arriving in March! We’ll have those out to you in Q2 2023.

Phobos Dere.GB—Box art, manuals, and the cart design is undergoing final approval between the developers and us. These should hit manufacturing soon, with a finished ETA of Q3 2023.

Bub-O Escape!— These carts are currently in-transit to our warehouse! We expect to start shipping them out in Q2 2023!

Dawn of the Monsters Figures Dawn of the Monsters | Collector’s Editions

The last component of the Dawn of the Monsters Collector’s Edition has arrived! We’re sending these and all the other parts of this Kaiji-sized Collector’s Edition off to be assembled right now, so you should expect to see a shipping alert in Q2 2023!

Shipping Update!

Our warehouse team is hard at work packing, loading, and sending your orders. Here’s a look at some of the Collector’s Editions leaving our warehouse this month:

Cyanide & Happiness | Collector’s EditionsCyanide and Happiness Collector's EditionThis Collector’s Edition is filled with all the weirdness you've grown to love and/or dread over the years from Cyanide & Happiness! Includes a painstakingly crafted Talking Ted, his very own dumpster, and even a pen! Check your doorsteps; it’s on the way now!

Contra Anniversary Collection | Classic & Hard Corps EditionsContra Anniversary Collection

A month ago, we sent out a progress report to all our friends who bought Contra Anniversary Collection. We’re on track with that update. Classic and Hard Corps Editions arrived in our warehouse this week! Once we’ve worked through our Standard Editions, we’ll send these throwback editions. Look for your tracking in the next couple of weeks towards the beginning of Q2 2023.

Snow Bros | Collector’s EditionsSnow Bros Collectors EditionIt’s the last hurrah of winter! The Snow Bros are coming at you now! Collector's Editions of Snow Bros. Nick & Tom Special are leaving our warehouse now.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Ghoul Patrol | Collector’s EditionsZombies ate my Neighbors and Ghoul PatrolWe’re at the finish line for these amazing retro re-releases! Collector’s Editions, Bundles, and all other finished orders containing Zombies Ate My Neighbors or Ghoul Patrol are being packed and shipped. Thank you so much for your patience while we worked on this release!


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