Fans have been asking us to change and rethink how we ship packages. We’ve been doing a lot of research on which service would be the best fit for us and fans. After much deliberation and consulting, we decided DHL eCommerce would be the best fit.

There are several reasons why DHL eCommerce will be an improvement over our previous provider for domestic and international shipping. DHL offers more expansive first party shipment routes. This means your package is going to less hubs and being handed off to fewer outside shipping sources before it hits your doorstep. This, in most cases, will result in shorter shipping times and much better tracking for your package. DHL offers us more resources and tools to better manage tracking, orders, and lost packages, which leads to a more streamlined process if something goes awry with your order.   

DHL also has a much more expansive reach for international orders. Just like domestic, DHL has a bigger international presence and more established routes overseas, meaning they have the ability to deliver more packages directly to your door with more accurate tracking. DHL will also help us be better prepared for the upcoming EU VAT changes happening this year. 

We hope our fans understand and appreciate the changes we’re making with the end goal of providing a better user experience for everyone. We’ve taken some questions from our social media channels to address some questions. Check them out below: 

Will you use DHL Express or DHL eCommerce? 

We will use DHL eCommerce, which does not require a signature upon delivery. 

Will DHL affect international shipping pricing? 

DHL should not cause an international shipping price increase though customers in the EU may notice price changes in the upcoming months due to new EU VAT laws coming into effect this year.  

Will DHL affect domestic shipping prices? 

Domestic shipping prices will not be affected by these shipment changes even though you should receive a more reliable service. 

If I’m an international customer, will I have to pick up my order from customs or will my delivery go straight to my door? 

We try to ship DDP (delivery duty paid) when possible. This means we charge you VAT and custom fees upfront so you don’t have to pick up your package from customs. In some cases, we must ship DDU (delivery duty unpaid) because the country enroute does not permit us to do direct delivery without logistical challenges. Here is a full list of countries that have been DDP supported by LRG, we will continue to update this list with changes as they happen. If you do fall under a DDU country (not listed above), you may have to go to your local customs office to pay these legally required fees. The fees and rates vary depending on your country, and neither DHL nor LRG have control over this. 

A friend told me DDP charges mysterious fees for international packages. Is this true? 

This is false. The only instance you would be charged additional fees outside of your order would be if your package was shipped DDU. This means we did not charge you VAT and import fees upfront, therefore you must pay those fees to your local customs office. Those fees are not charged by DHL, but by your country (as required by law). 

Will my shipments take longer to receive with DHL? 

Since DHL is equipped to handle more of your package route through their own service, you shouldn’t notice an increase in ship times. In some cases, you’ll notice faster shipping times. This will also result in better tracking across the board. 

Will LRG still be able to ship to Russia? 

LRG will continue to ship to Russia via DDU, meaning Russian customers will have to pay VAT and import fees to their local custom office and the LRG switch to DHL will not disrupt that.


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