April gave us our favorite babies, Blood Dragons, and tons of other super cool new physical games. But that’s not what May is going to be about. We’ll be reaching into our back catalog and clearing out our warehouse with two HUGE sales for in-person and online shoppers. So gas up your car, get your credit card details saved and get ready to join us for our biggest Blowouts yet.

And at the end of the blog, you might be rewarded with a little taste of what we’ve got planned for summer…

Find out MORE about our Big Big Big Tent Sale!

Who says we can’t celebrate two years of Limited Run Retail while doing a little spring cleaning?

We’ve got an event too big for the store, so we’re setting up the biggest tent money can rent right in front of our HQ and filling it with overstock, returns, and other slightly worn items that we can’t sell at our Blowout Sale. EVERYTHING will be marked down well below MSRP (with some items as low as $1 👀). We’ll even be giving out trading cards to buyers while supplies last! Everything has got to GO!

The event runs on Saturday, May 18 from 10am-3pm and Sunday, May 19th from 10am-2pm or until everything is sold out—whichever comes first!

The sale will be located in the front parking lot at:
1101 Perry Road
Apex, NC 27502

Visitors will be permitted to line up no earlier than 8:00am. Parking will be available on-site at this time, and some of the neighboring businesses have agreed to allow overflow parking in the event that our lot is full. If you can carpool with a buddy, that would be excellent! Check out the handy map below or follow the signs at the event to see where you can and cannot park.

Porta-potties will be provided in case you need a bathroom break, and this will be an outdoor event—rain or shine—so check the weather reports and dress accordingly.

This is What You’ve Been Waiting For—The 2024 Blowout Sale!

Are you ready for the big Blowout?

Every year, we take inventory of games left over after sales, conventions, and replacements and put ‘em up for grabs for 24 hours! This year, the big event is happening on May 27th, starting at 10am Eastern.

Blind Boxes will return alongside a plethora of our best games from the last few years. And, of course, everything will be available in extremely LIMITED quantities!

So mark your calendars, save your card details, and get ready to BLOWOUT the warehouse!

April 2-5-8 Milestone Updates

Every month, we comb through and send out updates for in-production titles whose pre-order periods ended two, five, or eight months before and hit your inbox with a status update. If you’ve missed our emails this month (check your spam!), here’s a big ol’ batch of milestone updates for you!

2 Months Old

Toaplan Arcade Garage: Kyukyoku Tiger-Heli

  • Standard Editions are complete and preparing for shipment, and all we're waiting on to complete the Deluxe Edition are the arcade tokens. We expect those to arrive for assembly late in May, with final delivery of your Deluxe Editions to start in June!

Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel

  • Manufacturing of these carts is in full swing and is estimated to arrive at LRG this July! We'll have a tighter ETA for you in our next Milestone Update, but we're on track to deliver ahead of the September ETA.

TMNT Radical Rescue Soundtrack Collection

  • Test samples of all the soundtracks are in and are undergoing final QC and approvals before full manufacturing begins! We'll let you know how manufacturing is going in our next Milestone Update!

Might & Magic Clash of Heroes

  • The Standard Editions are finished and ready for shipment. The completion of the Deluxe Editions is pending the arrival of the pins. We anticipate their arrival for assembly towards the end of May, with the final delivery of the Deluxe Editions scheduled to commence in June.

Cosmic Fantasy Collection

  • Standard Editions just arrived in our warehouse and will be shipping soon! All Deluxe Edition components and the vinyl are in manufacturing, with a June ETA for the Deluxe Editions and vinyl on track to ship ahead of its December release date.

Legion of Evil

  • Carts are in manufacturing! We anticipate the final product in our warehouse this July!

El Shaddai

  • Standard Editions have arrived in our warehouse and are preparing to ship! Deluxe Edition components are complete and undergoing assembly now. Shipping will begin in May.

UNDERNIGHT IN-BIRTH II [Sys:Celes] Limited Edition

  • After a minor delay in getting finished assets, we're off to manufacturing! Despite a little trouble, we're still anticipating shipment in June 2024, though it will be more towards the end of the month than the beginning.

5 Months

Jurassic Park Retro Editions + Vinyl

  • All of our retro editions have completed sampling, gotten the final sign-off from the rightsholders, and are in manufacturing. Standard and Collector's Editions are set to arrive on schedule in Q3 2024!
  • The same goes for vinyl! These are being pressed now and are set to arrive in our warehouse in Q3 2024 for immediate shipping.

Persona 3 Portable
Collector’s Editions:

  • Grimoire Editions: We are still on track for a late Q2 delivery! Barring any unforeseen delays, the final components of this edition will begin assembly into the Grimorie Editions in May. Receipt into our warehouse, and shipping will begin this June!
  • S.E.E.S. Editions: Sampling is finished, and full manufacturing is about to start! No issues have arisen, so we're still on track to deliver in Q3 2024! We'll have more to share in our next update!


  • Skateboard decks, male + female protag tees, and hats are arriving this month! Shipping will start at the end of April into May!
  • The rest of our apparel line is in full manufacturing, with shipping on track for Q2 2024!
  • Nitro Decks: We're still slated for a mid-May 2024 delivery!
  • Slipcases: These are printing! Once we get the final product in, we're looking to deliver orders containing Standard Editions of Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden in May!

8+ Months

Night Trap GBA

  • We're still on track for Q2 2024 as reported in our Q4 email update! We're happy to report that the final manufacturing process for these Game Boy Avance carts has begun, and we are expecting them in our warehouse, finished and ready for shipping, in June!


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