GHOSTS, An FMV Game Like You've Never Seen Before: Back on Kickstarter Today!

If you haven't heard of games like Night Trap (a fan-favorite Limited Run), Phantasmagoria, or Her Story, you may not be familiar with what an FMV is. It stands for full-motion video, so instead of using 3D models like most games, you play a narrative-driven story using pre-recorded footage, kind of like an interactive movie. The genre was incredibly popular in the 80’s, and many of the notable titles are notable for being as cheesy and fun as a B-horror movie.
GHOSTS takes the classic FMV genre and brings it into the 21st century with unique features and genuine scares. Created by top-tier talent in the horror genre (we’ll get to that later), the true terrifying version of GHOSTS is only playable after 10:00 PM in your console’s timezone. You might be thinking “THAT’S AWESOME,” or you might be thinking “I work really early, why can’t I play before 10 PM?” Well, the good news is you can play before 10 PM in your timezone. You’ll be met with a black screen and a puzzle of sorts that you can crack to play before the designated time. What you’ll unlock is a slightly different version of the game that you can save and put down. However, to get the true experience, we’d recommend setting aside some time when you can to play when the full terrifying game unlocks.     
If you’re a horror fan, you might be familiar with the talent involved in this one. Creator Jed Shepherd is a renowned creative in the space, known for being a writer and executive producer of “HOST,” which got rave reviews and a whopping 100% on Rotten Tomatoes... no easy feat. Jed had the idea come to him during lockdown, saying: “frustrated by the neverending lockdown situation in the UK, like a lot of people I turned to video games for escapism. Looking specifically for horror games to freak me out.” In rediscovering FMVs, he set out to make an ambitious, live, and horrifying title in the genre: enter GHOSTS.

In addition to partnering with Limited Run & Visible Games to tackle digital and physical editions of the game, Jed tackled creature design and execution with Siren Head creator Trevor Henderson and the world-renowned Jim Henson Creature Shop. Responsible for bringing hundreds of magical movies to life like Labyrinth, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and of course The Muppets, you can be sure that the creatures of GHOSTS will be truly awesome. With all this talent, including many actors from HOST like Haley Bishop, Radina Drandova, Jemma Moore, Caroline Ward and Emma Louise Webb, it’s bound to be a horrifyingly good experience. 
*Warning: Scary Content* 
Anyway, we wanted to give fans the rundown on this awesome game that is set to push the boundaries of the FMV genre. We hope you’ll support this awesome title and the creators behind it. If you’re interested, you can contribute to their Kickstarter and be one of the first to receive a physical copy by Limited Run. Whether you want to contribute because you’re a fan of the genre or you can get behind the unique concept, we can’t wait until fans can check it out for themselves.

And remember… don’t look at the Long Lady’s face…

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