Limited Run Games and 8-4 teams up to create a new publishing brand for the Japanese market, SUPERDELUXE GAMES

Limited Run Games and 8-4 teams up to create a new publishing brand for the Japanese market, SUPERDELUXE GAMES. Launch titles include SOL CRESTA: Dramatic Edition and Tetris® Effect: Connected.

SUPERDELUXE will also be attending BitSummit X-Roads in Kyoto on August 6 and 7!

8-4, Ltd. (President: Hiroko Minamoto) has joined forces with North American physical game publisher Limited Run Games to establish SUPERDELUXE GAMES (SDX), a company that will publish new titles for the Japanese market.

Limited Run Games, which was established in the United States in 2015, has taken download-only and retro titles and sold them in physical format. Meanwhile, 8-4 is a company known for its high quality video game localizations and more recently, its publishing initiatives.

Many customers in Japan have expressed their interest in having high quality games released in a physical format that they can lay their hands on and collect; as a result, both Limited Run Games and 8-4 have joined forces to create SDX for in Japan.

SDX will begin by selling the following titles for its launch slate:

  • SOL CRESTA: Dramatic Edition - Pre-orders begin July 14, 2022 (Thurs.)
  • Tetris® Effect: Connected - Pre-orders begin August 4, 2022 (Thurs.)

Visit the SUPERDELUXE GAMES Official Site and follow SUPERDELUXE GAMES on Twitter. 

SDX will share a booth with LRG and 8-4 at BitSummit X-Roads, Japan’s largest Indie game event, taking place in Kyoto on August 6 (Sat.) and 7 (Sun.)

Read the FAQ below:

What is SDX?

Super Deluxe Games, or SDX for short, is a collaboration between Limited Run Games and Tokyo-based publisher & localization house 8-4, Ltd. to bring high-quality physical releases of high-quality games to Japan. In simple terms, you can think of it as “Limited Run, but for Japan.” But we’re not simply ferrying over our existing releases to Japan—SDX releases are being custom-treated to appeal to the Japanese market, with fully localized Japanese packaging and an all-new website designed exclusively for Japan (though it may look a bit familiar!).

Is SDX owned by LRG?

LRG is a partial owner of SDX alongside 8-4, a video game localization, publishing, and development company based in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Is SDX operated by LRG?

SDX is operated in Japan by dedicated staff. LRG does not oversee day to day operations of SDX.

What rating system will SDX games use?

Games released by Super Deluxe will be rated by Japan’s Computer Entertainment Rating Organization, aka CERO (https://www.cero.gr.jp/).

Will all LRG games be released by SDX too?

Not all of them, no, but of course we’re excited to bring as many Limited Run titles to Japan as makes sense for the local market. We’ll be starting off slow and steady in the initial months, but as the service grows, we hope to release more and more Limited Run games in Japan!

Will there be a separate numbered line for Japanese SDX titles?

Super Deluxe will have a numbered line similar to how Limited Run games have a numbered line for North America. While we haven’t announced any non-numbered (i.e. distributed) titles yet, we anticipate having some of those in Japan as well.

Will the SDX Standard games or Collector’s Editions be different from LRG editions?

Super Deluxe games are targeted toward the Japanese market, so packaging will be localized for Japan, and the design and/or contents may differ to varying degrees from the Limited Run versions of the same games. In short, SDX may not always have the same Collector’s Edition offerings as LRG, but you can count on them being similar most of the time.

Are SDX games going to be manufactured at the same place as LRG games?

Super Deluxe games will primarily be manufactured in Japan, while Limited Run games are primarily manufactured in North America. Both LRG and SDX may use international manufacturers from time to time depending on the item or component.

Will the ship times be the same as LRG?

Super Deluxe and Limited Run operate in different regions with different rules and regulations (and sometimes different release timing), so ship times will likely vary between regions as well. Just because one region is shipping does not mean the other will ship at the same time. Please refer to ship times on each title’s product pages.

Will I be able to play SDX games on North American or European consoles?

The Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X do not have region locks for physical game software, which means physical games purchased in one territory will work on hardware purchased in another, and vice versa. LRG titles run on Japanese consoles, and it is expected that SDX titles will run on North American and European systems.

How limited are SDX titles?

SDX titles will be available on the SDX site during the open pre-order period, and then generally available at Japanese retail afterwards. However, some editions of certain titles might be available only through the SDX website. Retail availability will continue while supplies last, but SDX numbered titles will eventually go out of print.

Where can I buy SDX games?

superdeluxegames.jp! And if you just want to follow along to see what we’ve got cooking for Japan, follow us on Twitter at @sdxgames!

Limited Run Games:

is a subsidiary of “Freemode”, an operative group comprised of gaming and entertainment companies owned by Embracer. Limited Run Games is the industry leader in the production and distribution of premium physical video games. Limited Run seeks to celebrate the legacy of gaming through its award-winning collector’s editions. Founded in 2015, they have published over 1,000 physical games, exclusive merch, and collectables. Limited Run is the gold standard in bringing digital games to physical form and now re-releasing retro titles on modern platforms via their proprietary Carbon Engine. Visit limitedrungames.com for the latest offerings and to learn more about Carbon Engine development. Follow the brand on your social media platform of choice for all LRG-related updates:@limitedrungames.

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