LRG Digital Digest - December ‘22

LRG Digital Digest December ‘22

LRG Digital Digest - December ‘22

The Ultimate Guide to What’s Happening at Limited Run

Happy holidays! It’s the most wonderful time of year, and we’ve got the games to show it. Here’s what’s happening this December:

Give the Gift of Gaming

LRG Holiday Gift Guide

Need a last-minute holiday gift? If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’re in luck. A few weeks ago, we launched our Holiday 2022 Gift Guide, which contains tons of recommendations for games you can order right now on Amazon. Though we can’t guarantee that the games will arrive in time for your holiday gathering, these items are all Prime Shipping eligible, so there’s a chance you can still make the holidays merry.

Check it out today!

Save the Date—We’re starting 2023 with a Blowout!LRG Blowout Sale

It’s our favorite time of year, and we like to get it out of the way. That’s right. We’re starting 2023 with our annual Blowout Sale. We’ll have more details about the event in the coming weeks, but you can expect blind boxes, extra games from 2022 + beyond, and more!

Circle January 2nd, 2023, at 12pm ET on your calendars as the time to be there!

Take a Tour of 8 Next-Level Arcade Classics!

Arcade Classics Ultimate Edition

What’s better than one game with a jam-packed Ultimate Edition? How about eight?

Let’s take a little tour of the eight excellent titles that make up the Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection, available to pre-order now. For our friends at Konami, this is where the magic began…

SCRAMBLE—the original that started it all. This was Konami’s first big hit, taking the arcades of 1981 by storm. This side-scrolling shooter was the original inspiration for the Gradius series. Speaking of which…

NEMESIS—The smash-hit first installment of the Gradius series is also included in this collection. Known for its unique power-ups and enemies, this 1985 horizontal shooter is a classic.

VULCAN VENTURE—Let’s not forget this 1988 classic! Also known as Gradius II, Vulcan Venture is considered by many to be the pinnacle of the Gradius series, especially memorable for its beloved music and top-notch level design.

LIFE FORCE—Rounding out the Gradius party is Life Force (aka Salamander). This Gradius spinoff mixed horizontal and vertical scrolling stages, taking the series to the next level with upgraded gameplay and improved graphics.

TYPHOON—Also known as A-Jax, this timeless shooting game featured ground-breaking zoom and rotation effects that added depth to the graphics. The gameplay is divided into 2D helicopter-based stages and 3D jet-based sections, adding tons of variety to the SHMUP formula.

THUNDER CROSS—Often referred to by gamers as “my first SHMUP,” this title introduced many players to the genre, thanks to a more inclusive difficulty and unique level and art design.

TWINBEE—Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection doesn’t just have shoot ‘em ups; it also has a cute ‘em up! TwinBee eschews control of military jets and starfighters in favor of a duo of adorable anthropomorphic spaceships.

Haunted Castle—And now for something completely different. This bewitching side-scroller, the second Castlevania arcade game, puts you in the shoes of Simon Belmont on a quest to save his wife from the clutches of Dracula. Featuring beautiful, haunting graphics and six stages, Castlevania fans don’t want to miss this one.

If you want to learn more about these titles, the Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection comes with a digital bonus book detailing each one (included on the cart). Inside are tons of interviews, behind-the-scenes art, and development documents to pour over. Fans who want to hold this knowledge in their hands can find a physical version included in the Ultimate Edition.

Pre-orders close on December 25th! Don’t miss out on this next-level collection (and merch)! Reserve your copy now.

Product Updates

Here’s the latest about some of the titles you’ve been waiting for.


  • Santa stopped at our warehouse last week with the above-pictured sample carts in tow, and the rest are on their way to us now! Give our elves a little time to work; Standard Editions will begin shipping out in January, with Collector’s Editions to follow in the coming weeks after final assembly.

DAWN OF THE MONSTERS - Collector’s Editions

  • The last component still in production is the set of four mini monster figures! Once we get ‘em and kit ‘em, they’ll be in your hands in Q1.

Blood fresh supply mouse pad

BLOOD: FRESH SUPPLY - Collector’s Editions

  • We’re about halfway through production on these amazing PC Editions! Check out how the mousepad turned out. Go on, give it a poke…


  • Another retro cart update! The Game Boy Color and N64 carts are in transit to our warehouse from overseas. Give them a few weeks to transit the ocean, and we’ll have the Standard & Collector’s Editions in your hands in Q1 2023.
Axiom Verge

AXIOM VERGE - Collector’s Editions

  • Good news! The long-awaited Axiom Verge action figures are finally in our hands. Give us some time to put these collections together, and we’ll have them out the door at the beginning of Q1!

Looking for news about Star Wars, Shantae, or River City Girls? We’re working on detailed email/blog updates for all outstanding titles in those series right now, set to go out before the end of the year. Keep an eye on our website, socials, and your inbox for more info.

Shipping SoonDreamscaper

Watch your mailboxes; these items are on their way out or hitting our shipping queue over the next few weeks. You’ll be seeing shipping notifications soon. Don’t forget to update your address if you need to!

Witch n’ WizWitch n Wiz

NOW SHIPPING: these gorgeous smokey gray Witch n’ Wiz carts. Check out the foil on that collector’s edition slipcase.

Contra Anniversary Collection - Standard Editions + Merch!Contra anniversary collection

We’re almost at the finish line for Standard Editions, but they’re running a bit later than we hoped. Standalone games will ship next month. Meanwhile, the Collector’s Editions are moving through production right now. Next month, we’ll share a more extensive update about the Classic, Hard Corps, and Ultimate Editions.

Sol Cresta: Dramatic Edition - Standard Editionsol cresta

Switch versions are on their way out, and we expect our full batch of PS4 copies to arrive in our warehouse and follow on their heels in the next few weeks. Keep those eyes peeled!

Happy Holidays and Onward to 2023!

Thank you all for your support in 2022. We have tons of new surprises, Carbon Engine projects, and many more games on the horizon, so we hope you’ll stick with us in 2023! We hope you have a magical holiday season. Forever Physical!


Keep an eye on our socials, and make sure you’re subscribed to our email list for more exciting announcements and production updates!

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