Sayonara 2022—A year-end production update about Dead Space, Shantae, and more!

Dead Space, River City Girls Shantae & More!

Before the end of 2022 hits us, we thought we’d send a status report out on some of our most popular titles still in production. We’ve had some more info come in between Digital Digests, so we wanted to make sure you had it before the beginning of the new year.

Read on to see when in 2023 you can expect these awesome games to grace your mailboxes!

Dead Space (2023) Collector’s Editions

We’re super excited about Dead Space’s launch on January 27th, so we wanted to give you a quick update about our release.

We’ve made a change to the type of pre-order campaign we’re running for Dead Space. Eagle eyes might have noticed that quantities of this Collector’s Edition are now limited. We’ve introduced this cap on pre-orders to ensure prompt delivery of your Collector’s Edition once production is complete. We set the remaining units based on demand so far with some extra to accommodate for last minute purchasers.

By setting these to a limited quantity, we’ve ensured that production of the Collector’s Edition items can be finished and shipped to our warehouse before the beginning of the Lunar New Year when our overseas partners take a break for the holiday. This break for the new year often results in a production slowdown, so we wanted to get on top of it and ensure that this release isn’t affected by the holiday.

The plan is still to release the game itself at launch, so you’ll be able to play at the same time as other Dead Space fans worldwide. Your Collector’s Edition items will ship soon after in spring. Once those items finish production and ship out, we’ll be able to share a more specific timeline, so we’ll update you again once Dead Space releases in January.

If you haven’t reserved your copy yet, pre-order yours today!

2022: A Banner Year for Shantae

Hey there, Half-Genie Heroes! Here’s a status report on our Shantae titles in production. Read on to see when in 2023 you can expect Shantae to show up at your door!

Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse: PS5 Collector’s Edition

The oldest outstanding Shantae game is almost here! We aim to start shipping these out after New Year’s, with delivery to your doorstep in January 2023.

Shantae and the Seven Sirens: PS5 Collector’s Edition

There are just a few more items to finish before this Collector’s Edition is ready to ship. After they arrive and final kitting is complete, we anticipate that the Collector’s Edition of Shantae and the Seven Sirens will set sail for your home in Q1 of 2023!

The Shantae 25th Anniversary PlayStation Collection

The art, manuals, and discs for the Standard Edition have been finalized, and they’re off to printers. You can expect your copy of Shantae to arrive by the end of Q1 2023.

We’re also hard at work on the Collector’s Editions and 25th Anniversary Merch. Many of the items included are identical to our previous Switch edition of Shantae, so we hope production moves easily and swiftly. We estimate these Editions to ship in Q2 2023, but we’ll have a tighter timeline to share in our March blog update.

And don’t forget about that statue! We’re hard at work ensuring it lives up to Shantae’s image! In collaboration with Matt and Erin Bozon, we’re taking final material and color samples and working to find the very best combo to capture that half-genie essence.

But when does she ship? We want to get her home to you, but we also want to get it right. Give us a few more weeks; we promise an updated ETA in a future Shantae-centric blog coming March 2023!

River City: 2023

Finally, let’s look at where production stands on River City Girls Zero and River City Girls 2.

River City Girls Zero

Standard Edition customers should be receiving their River City Girls Zero copies now. These games are in our warehouse and ready to go!

Meanwhile, we need a little more time for the Classic and Ultimate Editions. Classic Editions are almost there; they need to be kitted out and sent back to us for shipping. We expect them to ship in Q1 2023. Ultimate Editions are coming soon after. We just received finalized samples of our Kyoko and Misako figures, which are now in manufacturing. We’re going to be conservative and estimate that they will ship early in Q2 2023

River City Girls 2

Production ended two months ago, but we’re all in on getting those Standard Editions done and sampling those Collector’s Edition components. If you ordered an Ultimate Edition, go ahead and enjoy your digital copy while you wait. You deserve it!

As we move through the production process, we’ll have more info to share. Look out for a River City Girls blog update in February 2023, where we’ll tighten up some of these estimates and share some sneak peeks into the process.

And One More, Turtley-Awesome Update!

Classic Editions of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge are on the shipping queue and headed out the door! Soon, this bodacious beat-em-up will be in your hands. We’ll have more news about the Radical Edition in the coming weeks, so stay tuned, turtles!

Happy Holidays from Limited Run!

Thank you so much for supporting us in 2022! It was another big year for us, and 2023 will be even bigger!



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