The Dead Space Hat You Have To Have

An Artifact from a Future that Never Was

By Jared Petty

Limited Run makes neat stuff. That’s neither a boast nor a humble brag. Years of shaping collectibles have given our artists a lot of experience designing really cool things, while a long history of business partnerships grants us the privilege of working with some really cool franchises and brands, like Dead Space.Dead space

It’s no exaggeration that there was palpable excitement in the building when we signed the Dead Space Collector’s Edition, with the LRG team tickled by the prospect of designing a real showpiece for a game so many of us love. And it’s a doozy. There’s a lot of neat stuff in this CE: the physical game, of course, and the usual extras: a Dead Space CD soundtrack, lithograph print, foil-stamped lithograph folio, four mini posters, an Ishimura patch, a marker enamel pin, a metal 4" marker statue, and a Dead Space SteelBook. But the standout collectible is the Isaac helmet: a faithful reproduction of our protagonist’s iconic Dead Space headgear, complete with adjustable sizing and faceplate light.

I can’t say with pinpoint accuracy that it will fit your noggin, but it likely will. I mean, there’s a ridiculous video where I’ve got this thing on my truly enormous bowling ball head, and it fits wonderfully. It’s light enough to wear but hefty enough to be substantial. It’s a lovely display piece, a conversation starter, a cosplay accessory, and a badge of Dead Space fandom.

Nobody is going to pretend this is a practical purchase. You’re not going to wear this space hat when you go grocery shopping at Walmart. I mean, you could, you do you, but I’m not sure how that would end. People are easily alarmed. Anyway, it’s not designed to be practical. It’s designed to stand out, to be deliberately baroque, an artifact retrieved from a future that never was. It’s a physical representation of the escapism and otherworldliness that makes games such a compelling medium.

So if you want a really good game (Dead Space) and a really great set of collectibles to go with it, then pop onto the LRG store and preorder Dead Space Collector’s Edition for PC, Xbox Series X, or PlayStation 5.

Limited Run Games:

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