This Is a Video Game Where You Can Play as David Hasselhoff

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By Jared Petty

Triceracop. Vikings. Hackerman. Time travel. This is the essence of Kung Fury.

This weekend is your last chance to grab Kung Fury: Street Rage - Ultimate Edition on PS4, PS5, and Switch physical from Limited Run. “Why?” we asked Senior Producer Oskar Eklund. His response:

“This game is so easy to get into, and you kill Nazis.”That’s a compelling argument. But for those who want more details, Kung Fury is a fast paced, two player co-op brawler inspired by the short film of the same name. Kung Fury draws inspiration across film and games, from No Retreat No Surrender to Streets of Rage. Ultimate Edition expands on this with drop-in multuplayer as la Ninja Turtles. It’s all high kicks, absurd antics, ridiculous dialogue, and more tongue-in-cheek than you can handle.

The whole thing is set to an 80s-tastic soundtrac by Mitch Murder. “I think he really nailed the sound of the 80s,” Oskar said, and we agree. The synth hues are keytar-tastic and turned up to 11. And as Oskar reminds us: “and of course you have David Hasselhoff’s True Survivor, which is epic in a way.”

Speaking of The Hoff, you can play as David Hasselhoff.

I want to repeat this so you don’t miss it: this is a game where you can kill Nazis with David Hasselhoff. Also, he shows off his chest hair in game. This is a real thing you can buy right now. But only this weekend.

So get Kung Fury. And keep an eye out… rumors swirl of an upcoming full-length Kung Fury motion picture!

Pre-order your copy of KUNG FURY: Street Rage Ultimate Edition today, and follow our friends at Hello There Games for more fantastic titles!

Limited Run Games:

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