The History of Sunsoft Vol. I (Hardcover)


The History of Sunsoft Vol. I (Hardcover)


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An exhaustively researched exploration of the history of one of gaming’s true creative powerhouses, Japanese publisher Sunsoft. From its origins as a textile company to its breakout titles for arcades and NES, The History of Sunsoft is supported by extensive interviews and first-hand accounts by the people behind the company!

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This item is limited to 1000 copies

  • 224 full color pages
  • 6x8” paperback
  • Comprehensive history of Sun Corp./Sunsoft from 1971 through 1989
  • Packed with screenshots, archival art, and developer interviews
  • Foreword by Sunsoft programmer Akito Takeuchi
  • Each book is stamped with its on edition number!

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About the Book

An in-depth exploration of one of the most influential video game developers of all time! Author Stefan Gancer delves deep into the past to trace the evolution of Sun Corporation from a humble textile manufacturer to the creator of some of the most popular games of the Nintendo era. Featuring commentary from Sunsoft’s creators, interviews with game developers, and exhaustive research into the company’s past, this first volume of The History of Sunsoft is the definitive treatise on a crucial slice of video game history.

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