SEGA Astro City Mini V & Style Kit Bundle


SEGA Astro City Mini V & Style Kit Bundle

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Includes 23 masterpieces of vertically-oriented arcade games and a base stand and Japanese-style arcade seats so that you can enjoy the full look and feel of a Japanese arcade cabinet at home.

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Product Details

Sega Astro City Mini V and Style Kit Bundle Includes:

  • Astro City Mini V
  • USB Power cable 
  • HDMI Cable
  • Instruction Manual 
  • Mini Arcade Base 
  • Chair
  • Top board
  • Stickers

Astro City Mini V

Faithful reproduction of the arcade cabinet "Astro City" at 1/6 size. At the time of the original release, this was released as a resin console. Similar to the original "Astro City" the main body is reproduced with resin. By adopting a 4.6-inch vertical LCD monitor, the original design arcade cabinet is now the size of your palm!


  • Product Size - W:130mm D:175mm H:170mm
  • LCD Size - 4.6 inches
  • LCD Resolution - 698 x 930
  • LCD Color Depth 16.7M colors
  • HDMI compatible resolution - 720P, 480P

*You will need a commercial AC adaptor in order to use this product. Please prepare one equipped with USB Type-A that has an out let of 5V/2.0A or higher.

*Please read the "Instruction Manual" carefully before the use of this product. Also, please keep the manual in a safe place

Click to view: OSS and EULA

Arcade Style Kit

Included are a base stand and Japanese-style arcade seats so that you can enjoy the full look and feel of a Japanese arcade cabinet at home. You can connect the Astro City Mini to the "Arcade Style Kit" by simply sliding it on and off in one easy step without any need for adhesives.

There's a functioning coin slot in the base stand, so feel free to use it as your own personal piggy bank. The kit also includes a set of authentic looking instruction panel stickers that can be placed on the cabinet's marquee.

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Games included

  • Moon Cresta
  • Zaxxon
  • Super Zaxxon
  • Terra Cresta 
  • Cosmo Police Galivan 
  • Action Fighter
  • Truxton
  • Wrestle War 
  • Fire Shark
  • Raiden
  • Out Zone
  • Sonic Wings
  • Truxton II
  • Dogyuun 
  • Desert Breaker
  • Batsugun
  • Grind Stormer
  • Samurai Aces
  • Kingdom Grandprix
  • Gunbird
  • Strikers1945
  • Armed Police Batrider
  • Battle Bakraid Unlimited Ver.


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