Digital Digest - June 2023

Limited Run Games June Digital Digest

 Digital Digest | June 2023

We’ve kept our heads down this June, packing and shipping TONS of orders, putting out all-new production updates straight to your inboxes, and preparing for LRG3. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t having a little fun with games like The Good Life, Alien: Isolation - The Collection, and Hyper Gunsport!

Let’s get on with June…starting with our BIGGEST announcement of the year:

LRG3 is COMING!LRG3 Announment

LRG3 is set to broadcast on July 12th! Tune in via YouTube or Twitch at 4PM Eastern time to get a first look at some fantastic digital and physical titles. We’re showcasing collabs with some of our old friends, upcoming Carbon Engine titles, and titles we’ve helped bring into the world. And of course, you might hear some news about our old friends John and Jane…

It’s Turtle Time!Shredders Revenge Radical Edition Update

Let’s drop a quick update on TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge! We’re hitting the goals outlined in our last update, and we’re happy to announce that we’re just about at that sweet, sweet finish line for this collection. Manufacturing at its end, the Shadow Boxes are en route. We’re working with all our stakeholders to ensure that this is the most Radical Turtles game money can buy (which is a more fun way of saying that the suits need to sign off on the finished product—but that’s boring and corporate, and the Turtles are too cool for that kind of talk).

We’re holding fast to our ship ETA of Q3. Keep an eye on the socials because the marketing team will get pictures of this beast as soon as it hits the receiving dock!

June 2-5-8 Milestone Updates

If you’ve missed our emails, here’s a big ol’ batch of milestone updates for you! Starting this month, we’ve begun to send out status updates for every game that had its pre-order close 2, 5, and 8 months back. We’re still catching up on orders older than those dates, so keep an eye on your inboxes for updates!

2 Months Old

Akka Arrh

  • The Switch Standard Editions are shipping, and PS4 & PS5 versions are about to be pressed. Meanwhile, the contents of the Deluxe Edition are almost finished. Expect everything to finish up and ship in Q3 2023.

Night Trap GBA

  • All assets are approved and ready to begin manufacturing. However, we did find a tiny bug on the ROM that needs to be fixed before we can get those moving. We’re hard at work on that and expect a fix very soon.


  • All assets and the game build are ready to go! The discs have just begun manufacturing, but we expect these to be finished and shipped in Q3 2023.


  • Standard Editions are printing and will arrive in our warehouse in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, the Collector’s Editions contents will begin the sampling stage soon.

Curse of the Dead Gods

  • Switch Standard copies are shipping! The PS4 copies have just begun manufacturing. Collector’s Edition contents are approved by the devs and ready to begin receiving samples. This Collector’s Edition is on track to finish near the beginning of Q4 2023.

Shady Part of Me

  • Standard Editions on both platforms are being manufactured now. Expect them to ship in Q3 2023.

Kung Fury

  • We’re working with the developer to get all the assets just right. We expect these to start manufacturing soon, and they’re on track to ship in Q3 2023. We’ll let you know if that changes.


  • The OST is finished, and the discs have just started manufacturing. This will go fast, and they should ship in Q3 2023.

Mighty Fight Federation

  • Discs are now printing! We expect shipping to start in Q3 2023.


  • Switch copies are in manufacturing and will arrive in our warehouse soon. Meanwhile, the PS4/PS5 copies have started manufacturing and will ship in Q3 2023. All Deluxe Edition components are ready to begin manufacturing soon.

Return to Monkey Island

  • Standard Editions across all platforms are printing and will ship in Q3 2023. Meanwhile, Collector’s Edition and Upgrade Kit components are sampling and will begin manufacturing shortly if no on-the-fly changes need to be made. We don’t have an exact ETA, but we’ll have more news to share in the coming weeks.

5 Months Old

Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection

  • Standard PS4 Editions are in our warehouse and will begin shipping soon! However, the Switch copies are still pending manufacturing, pending a final developer build. Once we receive and send both Standard Editions, we will return with an updated ETA on the Classic and Ultimate Editions.

Hime's Quest

  • We have completed the approval process, and production is in full swing. The finished units are expected to be ready in approximately three months. We’re looking at Q3 for the final delivery of these.

Night in the Woods

  • All Collector’s Edition components are in production! The production item with the longest lead time (the acrylic scene) is expected to be in our hands in early July. After kitting, these will begin shipping in Q3.

8 (and some 9) Months Old

Day of the Tentacle, Collector’s Editions

  • Collector’s Editions - All components are either received, in production, or about to begin manufacturing. We expect this Edition to finish and ship in Q3 2023.

DOOM 64, Collector’s Editions

  • We're preparing everything for the final product this week and should have it in our warehouse very soon. Shipping will start in Q3.

DOOM Eternal, SteelBook, Special and Ultimate Editions

  • SteelBook - We sent out all components for assembly into the final product. Finished Steelbook Editions are expected to arrive in our warehouse this quarter.
  • Special - We’re waiting on receipt of two components which should arrive in the next few weeks. Once those arrive, they will be sent off for kitting. They’ll be back in our warehouse for shipping in Q3.
  • Ultimate - A few components are still in the sampling phase, but we are looking to start manufacturing those missing pieces ASAP. Ultimate Editions are on track to ship as early as Q3.
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, Premium and Master Editions
  • Premium - The final two components for this edition are finishing manufacturing and will be en route to LRG shortly. After kitting, we expect these to ship in Q3 2023
  • Master - Only the mats and strategy guide remain, and these are currently manufacturing. We should be able to kit these and ship them near the end of Q3 2023.

Phobos Dere .GB

  • Manufacturing will complete within the next few weeks, and we should be shipping out of our warehouse in Q3 2023.

DoDonPachi: Resurrection, SteelBook Edition, Collector’s Edition and Arcade Cabinet

  • Every component for this project is complete, minus the box and final assembly. The Arcade Peripheral is en route to our warehouse right now. We expect all of these items to ship to customers in Q3 2023.

Shantae PS5, Standard & Collector’s Editions + Statue

  • Standard Edition - The PS4 version will be pressed soon and ship in Q3.
  • Collector’s Edition- We’re still sampling components for this project. We are aiming to ship in Q3 2023.
  • Statue - We are still working on fine details with the creators to ensure this statue turns out perfectly. We’ll have an update for you once it goes into final manufacturing.

Valis Collection 2, Collector’s Edition

  • All components are complete and on their way to our kitting partner. Final units should be back to us soon for shipping in Q3.
Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap, Collector’s Edition
  • The last component we’re waiting on (the USB) will be complete soon. The finished Collector’s Editions will ship in Q3.

River City Girls 2

  • Standard Editions - Switch and PS4 versions are currently shipping! Meanwhile, the PS5 and is waiting on a dev patch. The Xbox version has just begun manufacturing and will start shipping in Q3.
  • Classic - After the box and the game is complete, we can send the finished components to our kitting partner. We expect these to ship to customers in Q3 2023.
  • Ultimate - Our last component, the keychain, is finishing up soon! We can kit these out after the Classic Editions are finished and begin shipping in Q3 2023.

Carrion VHS Edition

  • Our final missing components are set to arrive soon. Whereafter they will be sent for kitting. These will ship to customers in Q3 2023.

Enclave HD, Standard & Collector’s Editions

  • Standard Editions - The physical builds for the game are still being worked on. The dev estimates them to be done in the coming weeks. Standard Editions should be in our warehouse and begin shipping mid-Q3.
  • Collector’s Editions - Components are being sampled and going into manufacturing, with completion slated around the same time Standard Editions are complete. These will ship after the Standard Editions in Q3 2023.

Shadowrun Trilogy, Collector’s Editions

  • Collector’s Edition - Components are still in sampling, and we are on track to finish manufacturing towards the end of Q3.

Full speed ahead for shipping and fulfillment!Tetris Effect Connected Collectors Edition

We’re still working through a GARGANTUAN shipping list, and we thank you for your patience as we get through this massive volume of orders. We expect to be out of this shipping bottleneck in the next few weeks, as we’ve implemented many of the fulfillment goals outlined in our 2023 Initiatives blog. Until then, sit tight, keep an eye on your account’s order page, and make sure that your address is up-to-date, especially if you’ve moved in the last few months.


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