DOOM: The Classics Collection Customer Update


Shortly after our release of DOOM: The Classics Collection shipped, a number of customers brought an issue to our attention. It was discovered that on consoles that had never connected to the internet, players were repeatedly prompted to sign in to either a Nintendo or PSN account. We care deeply about the quality of our releases and the satisfaction of our players. Even though this only affects a very small number of users, we understand that our fans purchase our products so they can enjoy them for years to come; well after the respected console is still being supported.

In response to this, we immediately started working with Bethesda for a solution. We plan to make replacement carts or discs available to affected players as restitution. Bethesda has updated the game contained on these physical copies to fix this issue.

Remember: This issue only affects players that have never connected their console to the internet. If you have been able to connect to the internet even once, your copy of the game is not affected so there is no need for a replacement.

If you haven’t connected your console online for any reason, don’t plan to ever do so, and wish for a replacement disc or cart you may do so via LRG Support.

If you are one of the affected players, here is how to claim your replacement copy:

  • Open a ticket at support.limitedrungames.com
  • Ship your original disc or cartridge back to us by May 9th (you keep the case and all other packaging)
  • Once we receive your original disc or cartridge, we will mail your replacement free of charge

We would like to thank our partners at Bethesda for helping us troubleshoot and resolve this issue. We would like to thank our customers for being patient while we figured out if we could find a possible solution. Your patience while we came to a solution with our partners means the world to us.

LRG - Team


Should I request a DOOM: The Classics Collection cartridge or disc replacement?
Have you ever connected your Nintendo Switch or PlayStation account to the internet, even if only once? If the answer is yes, there is no need to replace your disc or cartridge as it will play fine, even offline.

Why do I have to ship my current cartridge or disc back?
It’s Limited Run policy that we don’t reprint games after pre-orders close. Since current cartridges and discs will still be playable, we must ensure that those cartridges don’t end up back in circulation or on second hand markets.

If I don’t replace my disc or cartridge will my game be affected or unplayable in the future?
No, current DOOM: The Classics Collection physical media will still be playable in the future, even after support for current consoles ends, as long as the account on your device has connected to the internet at least one time in its lifecycle.

Why is there a time limit on when I can request a replacement?
How Limited Run disc and cartridge ordering works is we note how many units are needed, then we order that amount from Nintendo and Sony. Since both companies have minimum order quantities we must make sure that we order all the media at once so later down the line we’re not ordering a very large amount of replacements for only a handful of people.

What if I miss the deadline to request a replacement?
If you miss the deadline to request a replacement we can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to get a replacement disc or cart. That being said, we will be ordering extra for fans who may not have seen this in time and we’ll happily accommodate users for as long as we have replacement media to send out.

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