Rendering Ranger: R2 Collector's Edition (SNES)

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Rendering Ranger: R2 Collector's Edition (SNES)
Rendering Ranger: R2 Collector's Edition (SNES)
Rendering Ranger: R2 Collector's Edition (SNES)

Rendering Ranger: R2 Collector's Edition (SNES)

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The legendary Super Famicom cult classic is back. Released only in Japan nearly 20 years ago, Rendering Ranger: R2 arrives on the Super Nintendo at last!

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Rendering Ranger: R2 Collector's Edition Includes:

  • Physical Copy of Rendering Ranger: R2 for SNES
  • Collector's Edition Box
  • SNES Box
  • Reversible 18" x 24" Poster
  • Rendering Ranger: R2  Original Soundtrack
  • Translated Manual with added Retrospective 
  • Enamel Pin
  • Acrylic Keychain
  • Commemorative Metal Coin

Compatible with NTSC format consoles

Genre: Action, Adventure, Arcade

# of Players: 1 players 

Supported Languages: English, Japanese 

Protective Case: None

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About the Game

The legendary Super Famicom cult classic is back.

Released only in Japan nearly 20 years ago, Rendering Ranger: R2  arrives on the Super Nintendo at last!

Developed by Manfred Trenz (creator of the Turrican series) and published by German software powerhouse Rainbow Arts, this game was originally released in 1995. Originally slated to come to the West as Targa, the game ultimately ended up as a Japan-only title, with only 10,000 copies printed, making it one of the most sought-after collectibles in retro gaming.

You are the Rendering Ranger, a special forces soldier who must defend the Earth from a devastating alien invasion. Through nine levels of action platforming as well as blisteringly fast horizontal shooter stages, Rendering Ranger: R2  is one of the greatest technological showcases ever seen on the Super Nintendo!


  • Gut-wrenching side-scrolling action with sprawling stage design and cinematic presentation
  • Mind-blowingly fast horizontal shooting stages unlike ever seen before on Super Nintendo
  • Upgradable weapons, tons of enemies, dynamic on-scene mayhem at nearly every turn
  • Gigantic bosses fully rendered in 90’s Silicon Graphics
  • Timeless 16-bit action at its best from legendary game creator Manfred Trenz
  • Releasing worldwide for the very first time since its original release!

Every copy includes a newly translated version of the original Rendering Ranger: R2 manual—with an added retrospective on its development and prototype differences by Audi Sorlie—and a Ranger R2-themed smoke gray SNES cart that works on original hardware.

The collector’s edition comes jam-packed with awesome extras exclusively made for this edition, all housed in Limited Run Games’ retro game collector box. The soundtrack CD not only includes the full original soundtrack from the game but an all-new exclusive bonus track by legendary game music composer Chris Huelsbeck, known for his works on Star Wars, Giana Sisters, and the Turrican series, bringing him back to Rainbow Arts after over 30 years, the very same place he started his career! This track can only be heard here on the CE of Rendering Ranger:R2.

Additionally, the original box art has been restored and made into a double-sided poster with the second side showcasing the in-game action in pixel-perfect fashion! The commemorative coin features the original logo and the evil Cube, while the pin and key chain feature Rendering Ranger and his ship prominently. This is no mere collector’s edition for just any game—this is a celebration of one of the 16-bit eras’ unsung heroes, finally available for all to discover and enjoy, designed by fans for fans of the genre.

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