It was a busy busy March! We went on the road for GDC and PAX East, but now we’re back and ready to take on April. But first, let’s go over some highlights and announcements for March 2024!

SAVE THE DATE! A big sale is on the horizon!

In addition to May’s big Blowout Sale, LRG is planning to host a new event at our HQ in Apex, NC: our BIG BIG BIG Tent Sale! On Saturday, May 18th, and Sunday, May 19th, we’re clearing a selection of lightly damaged and returned games out of our warehouse at rock-bottom prices. We’ll have more details to share closer to the event, but mark your calendars today!

PAX East 2024: A Zelda Panel for the Ages!

If you missed out on our PAX East panel all about the infamous inspirations for Arzette (which ends preorders this Sunday), here’s your chance to catch up! Hosted by Jared Petty and an amazing cast of panelists, you don’t want to skip this one.

March 2-5-8 Milestone Updates

Every month, we comb through and send out updates for titles whose pre-order periods ended two, five, or eight months before and hit your inbox with a status update. If you’ve missed our emails (check your spam!), here’s a big ol’ batch of milestone updates for you!

2 Months Old

Atari Recharged 3 + 4 (Dual Packs)

  • Standard Editions are complete and shipping, and we've sent off the stock needed to assemble the Dual Packs to our kitters. We expect them back in the warehouse in early April for Q2 2024 shipping!

Devil Engine

  • Manufacturing of the Standard Editions is complete, and they are en route to LRG. Shipping will begin immediately once the copies arrive in our warehouse.

Floppy Knights

  • Standard Editions are complete, and finished units are on their way to LRG. Shipping will commence straight away at the beginning of April!

Freedom Fighters Vinyl

  • Manufacturing is complete and they are shipping to LRG now. We expect them to arrive in our warehouse at the beginning of May!

Princess Farmer

  • PS5 copies are being pressed and should finish manufacturing any day now. We're anticipating their arrival in our warehouse by mid-April with shipping to start ASAP! Switch copies are in the warehouse and will be shipping soon!


  • Switch Standard Editions are complete and on their way to LRG. Shipping will begin at once when the copies arrive in our warehouse in early April.

Soda Drinker Pro

  • Carts are in manufacturing! It's a bit early to tell if they will beat our Q4 2024 shipping estimate, but so far there have been no snags in production. We'll have a tighter ETA in our 5-month update this June!

5 Months

Gargoyles Remastered - Collector’s Editions

  • We just received the Classic Editions, so it’s off to the kitters to assemble the entire package with the additional parts we have ready to go. Assembly should finish by mid-April, and shipping will follow immediately once they arrive in our warehouse.
  • Genesis copies are in manufacturing and still on track for a Q3 2024 ship date, but we’ll let you know in our next update if you can expect them sooner!

Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection - Classic & Prehistoric Editions

  • Final quality and safety testing is underway on our samples ahead of full manufacturing. Both editions are still on track to ship in Q3 2024, with Classic Editions set to arrive a little ahead of the Prehistoric Editions. We’ll keep you posted on further updates!

Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties: Definitive Edition - Collector’s Editions

  • Collector’s Editions for PlayStation, Switch, and PC have just arrived in our warehouse! Shipping will begin in Q2 2024!

8 Months

The Three Stooges

  • The PCB for the Game Boy Advance copies are undergoing a final test in-house before final manufacturing. Since this is one of our first GBA titles, we want to ensure everything works perfectly. To that end, we are also conducting testing on NES titles as well. Both cart runs will be finished in Q2 2024

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