Digital Digest - May 2024


May is a month for adventuring, exploring wells full of animals, and being saved by Mr. Tako once again! We’re gearing up for a big summer full of our BIGGEST collabs ever, so we’ll keep today’s blog short and sweet. Let’s just say we’re hard at work bringing some of our most requested titles to you this summer!

There are never Too Many Games!LRG is headed back to Too Many Games after a long break! We’ll be up in the city of brotherly love later this month with a curated selection of games you can pick up at the con. We’ll be at booth #806, so come over and say hi!

May 2-5-8 Milestone Updates

2 Months Old

Rocket Knight Adventures: Resparked!

  • PS4 & PS5 Standard Editions are in our warehouse and are starting to ship!
  • Switch Standard Editions are in assembly and will arrive back in our warehouse around the end of June
  • Classic Edition components are in manufacturing, with assembly to begin in mid-August and September delivery.
  • Ultimate Edition components are about to begin manufacturing. Our current ship ETA for these editions is October, but we'll let you know if that changes in our next update 3 months from now!
  • If you're waiting for merch, all items are in manufacturing and on track for a July delivery, except for the shirts, coins, and pin sets—those are in our warehouse and ready to ship now.

Aero the Acro-Bat 2

  • Manufacturing of these carts is in full swing and is estimated to arrive at LRG this August! We're currently on track to ship ahead of our November ETA.

Felix the Cat

  • Standard copies are complete and starting to ship from our warehouse!
  • Classic Editions are in manufacturing set to arrive in our warehouse at the end of June. Shipping will begin promptly and move through the month of July!

High on Life

  • Xbox Standard Editions are beginning to ship, and PS5 copies are set to arrive in our warehouse by mid-June.
  • Collector's Editions are moving full steam ahead and are estimated to arrive at our warehouse in August.


  • Standard Editions have been ordered and are being manufactured. We're expecting all three platforms to arrive in our warehouse for shipping in July.

The Gardens Between

  • This title was also recently ordered from our manufacturers at Sony alongside Pentiment and is due in our warehouse this July.

King of Fighters XIII Global Match

  • Standard copies are finished and beginning to ship!
  • Collector's Editions are in manufacturing and will arrive in our warehouse late in June. Shipping immediately to follow!

Arzette: The Jewel of Faramore

  • Standard copies are shipping from our warehouse!
  • Collector's Editions are in manufacturing and set to arrive in our warehouse this August!
  • We know you're excited to get those retro controllers! Our current delivery ETA is late August. Meanwhile, the vinyl will be ready at the end of June, and Arzette shirts are now shipping

5 Months

Jurassic Park Part 2: The Chaos Continues Retro Editions + Vinyl Vol. 2

  • All of our retro editions have completed sampling, gotten the final sign-off from the rightsholders, and are undergoing a final round of testing before going into full manufacturing. Standard and Collector's Editions are set to arrive on schedule in Q3 2024!
  • The same goes for the second volume of the vinyl! We've got final rightsholder approvals, and these LPs are now in manufacturing. They're set to arrive in our warehouse in Q3 2024 for immediate shipping.

Persona 4 Golden

  • In our last update, we estimated that Grimoire Editions would reach LRG at the beginning of June. Since then, we have had to make a few adjustments to ensure everything fits at the kitting stage, setting delivery back by a few weeks. We are now looking at early July to begin delivering Grimoire Editions to customers.
  • Items in our Midnight Channel Editions are in the sampling stage and undergoing final licensor and quality approvals before we move full speed ahead into manufacturing. We are still solidly in a Q3 delivery window for these titles, and we'll be able to share a narrowed-down final ship date in our next update later this summer.
  • Merch - The last outstanding merch item that is not complete is the Junes t-shirt, which is undergoing one final round of licensor approval before final manufacturing. We should have this in-hand near the end of Q2/beginning of Q3.
  • Finally, the Persona Nitro Decks are finished and en route to LRG right now. We'll be able to start shipping them out in June!

8+ Months

EVE 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

  • Production on the EVE 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition is at its end, and we can safely estimate that finished products will begin shipping in July 2024. Manufacturing and delivery of the components to our warehouse are slated for June. Once those items are in our hands, we'll send them off to be assembled and get them back by the end of that month. Once that's complete, we'll get them back, and we'll start shipping ASAP.

The Three Stooges

  • In our March Milestone Email, we let you know that Game Boy Advance and NES Three Stooges carts were undergoing an extra round of testing to ensure. After passing their tests with flying colors, carts went into full manufacturing. However, we have been informed that carts will arrive late in Q2 2024, pushing the final delivery to customers out by a few weeks into July 2024.


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