TMNT comes to Switch, PS4, PC… and Xbox One

A Wild Xbox Game Appears! Command?

By Jared Petty

If you watched the recent LRG3 showcase, you know that we’re shelling out Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge! That’s good news for a lot of reasons. First off, it’s a superb video game… everybody agrees on that. Second, the LRG Radical Edition is a thing of beauty.

Third, you get a free Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza with every copy you buy from LRG, even the Standard Edition.

But there’s another really nifty thing about this release: a physical Xbox One version.

Everybody knows the Xbox One is a terrific place to play games, and we’ve long looked forward to the opportunity to extend the Forever Physical LRG mission to Microsoft’s platform. That’s finally happening… first with Turtles, then with Tetris Effect: Connected, and then with DOOM 64.

It’s a whole new world for us, and we’re especially happy for you, our customers, who have wanted to see this happen for a long time. And we’re pleased as punch that TMNT is the starting point for all this.

If you’ve read the reviews, you already know that Shredder’s Revenge is a must-have. There’s a solid fisticuffs gameplay loop – that’s a given considering its inspirational origin in the great Konami brawlers of yore. But it also absolutely oozes (heh-heh) with character.

Colors pop off the screen like a painted wall at a nursery school, a cartoon come to life. The aesthetic is almost chibi, especially the April and Casey sprites, but not quite SD… a stylistic balance evocative of the Konami Turtles legacy, but also something all its own.

And then there’s the six-player mode, an unapologetic nod to the Imperator of classic brawlers: the double-screened X-Men arcade cabinet. Pardon me if I digress into pure nostalgia for a moment, but few video game experiences matched the quarter-pounding perfection of standing shoulder to shoulder with five friends and strangers and grinding forward, taking down the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants as Magneto entreated us all to “Welcome to die!”

It was beautiful chaos. But as fun as X-Men was, Shredder’s Revenge is better. It’s a game designed with the benefit of brawler hindsight: better paced, more varied, deeply replayable. Like X-Men, it can be a party pleaser, a game that’s an event, but it’s not merely that.

It’s also great on its own. Yes, Shredder’s Revenge is a delight with a crowd, but you can also have a good time playing it all alone without feeling completely overwhelmed or, worse, bored. There’s a purposeful potpourri of variety in the stage designs and modes that keeps multiple runs through Shredder’s Revenge feeling fresh. And add in a friend or two online or on the couch and cowabunga! It also runs deeper than the classic TMNT brawlers, with combos and a wider variety of moves and abilities.

No matter where you play, Playstation, Switch, PC, or Xbox, prepare yourself for some Turtle Power. And don’t forget to cash in that pizza.

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