PlayStation: A Retrospective (Paperback)

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PlayStation: A Retrospective (Paperback)
PlayStation: A Retrospective (Paperback)
PlayStation: A Retrospective (Paperback)

PlayStation: A Retrospective (Paperback)

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Back in print! This massive 400-plus book is packed with essays, commentary, and history, all centered on Sony’s first-ever console: The original PlayStation. Previously available only as a print-on-demand title and long out of circulation, this edition combines high-quality full-color printing with a budget-friendly price for the first time.

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Product Details

  • 436 full-color pages!
  • 6x8” paperback
  • Packed with critical essays and in-depth retrospectives
  • Covers hundreds of PS1 games
  • A chronological journey through PlayStation’s life

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About the Book

More than a quarter-century after its 1994 debut in Japan, the PlayStation remains one of the single most important game systems of all time. Sony had been a player in the video games industry for years before the PlayStation debut, but the system catapulted the electronics giant into a force of nature, redefining what a video game could be and drawing an entirely new audience of grownups into what had previously been dismissed as a pastime for kids. 

PlayStation’s true strength ultimately came from its vast library of games, some of which ranked among the greatest of all time. This book explores more than 100 of those games through in-depth essays and brief overviews, with comprehensive retrospectives and critical commentaries alike. Let this volume be your handbook, a guide to the good, the great, and the best-avoided of Sony’s first-generation console. 

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