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Release Questions

How can I recommend a title?

The best way to show developers that their fans would like a physical release and put us in contact is by tagging both LRG and the devs in a tweet. You can also submit any suggestions here: Game Recommendations


Release Dates.

Once a date has been finalized for a release it is added to our calendar: LRG Release Calendar


Shipping Questions

Has my order been shipped/When will my order ship?

Production UpdatesClick here to get an idea of what dates orders will be received by our shipping team and scheduled to ship.

Shipping RoomCheck out what the Limited Run Games shipping room is currently shipping out.


Shipping Boxes

~Orders containing at least two games with at least one of them being Switch or PS4 will ship in a box.

~Orders containing Collector’s Editions are automatically shipped out in a box.

~If your order does not automatically qualify for a box, you can purchase  one here: Shipping Box If you need to add a shipping box after the fact, you can place an order for just the box and then submit a Combine request. In the note section include “Adding Box to order” and the normal combine fee will be waived. (This is not applicable to Shipping Box orders also containing games/merch).


How can I update my shipping address?

Once an order has been placed, your shipping address must be updated by customer support. To submit a change request, please fill out this form: Address Change Request You will receive an email notification when that has been processed.


Can I bundle my shipments into one package?

~Orders from the same release can be combined into one shipment. This is available for both International and Domestic customers. To have your orders combined, please fill out this form: Combine Order Request 

~To bundle orders across multiple releases into one shipment, you will want to look into our Hold service. Please follow this link for a full rundown of the process. Hold Order Information


Request Local Tracking Number: Local Tracking # Request


Account Questions

How do I change my account info? (Email address, name) Please fill out this form: Update my Account Info


Can orders be moved across accounts? Shopify recognizes unique email addresses as being separate accounts. At this time there is no merge feature and orders cannot be moved between accounts.

General Questions


Waiting lists (open pre-order items will not be included, any remaining copies will be in our inventory clear out sale.)

Once a sale has ended titles will be added to the Waiting List. Once we have processed replacement and exchange requests we will go the waiting list with any additional copies.


Cancellation/Return Policy

We have an “all sales are final” policy. Returns can be requested within 30 days of delivery and are subject to a 15% restocking fee.


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