Upcoming Releases

This is a list of all of our upcoming announced releases. These will be moved to the "Games" collection and given their own product pages once release dates have been revealed. Until a release date is announced we can not confirm any release windows, print run sizes, or prices.

Night Trap PS4

Rabi - Ribi PS4/Vita

Cosmic Star Heroine PS4/Vita

YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG PS4/Vita

Drive! Drive! Drive! PS4
Tharsis PS4

Sundered PS4

Also announced!

- Nuclear Throne
- Salt and Sanctuary
- Plague Road
- Sharin no Kuni
- Battle Princess Madelyn
- Forma.8
- Oceanhorn
- VA-11 Hall-A
- 2064 Read Only Memories
- Kero Blaster
- Momodora
- Croixleur Sigma
- Mercenary Kings
- Aaero
- Ghost Blade HD
- Claire
- Layers of Fear
- Rive
- Home
- The Bunker
- Factotum 90
- Jotun
- The Flame in the Flood
- Volume
- Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap
- Ys Origin