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Estimated Ship Date: 2020

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Official SEGA Saturn Bluetooth Controller (Black)


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Relive the controller that changed the game – this time experience it on a whole new level. 

The officially-licensed SEGA Saturn® controller with Bluetooth® wireless technology features rumble capabilities and a 550 mAh rechargeable battery. Play up to 15 hours on full charge and game to your fullest ability!

Each Official SEGA Saturn Bluetooth controller sold through will come with a special limited edition 25th Anniversary Sega Saturn sticker.

This is the perfect controller to play Panzer Dragoon with on the Nintendo Switch!

Features and Specs:

  • Officially-licensed SEGA® controller featuring Bluetooth® technology.
  • Compatible with Windows 10®, Mac®, Android®, PS3®, Fire TV® and Switch.
  • Rumble capability on supported games.
  • 550 mAh rechargeable battery.
  • Micro-USB® charge cable.
  • 10-15 hours of gameplay on a full charge.
  • Features Home & Select buttons, and X-input/D-input modes.
  • Compatible on original consoles with Retro-Bit® Bluetooth® wireless receiver (sold separately).
  • Includes Limited Edition commemorative SEGA Saturn® Anniversary sticker.

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    Production Status: In Production
    Estimated Ship Date: 2020