Trading Card Protector


Games that are part of the Limited Run Games Collection typically include a free trading card (packaged outside the game case). Condition for these trading cards is not guaranteed and exchanges are not possible due to the free nature of the cards. If you want to ensure that your card arrives in the best condition possible, purchase one of these plastic card protectors and we'll pack your card inside the protector during shipment.

You have the option to include an additional protective sleeve which will be placed on the card before we insert it into the plastic protector. This will prevent the card from being scuffed when inserted into the top-loader.

Please note that the design is subject to change and these protectors are designed for one card only. If you are ordering multiple games and want protection for each card, order one protector for each game purchased. We can not put multiple cards in one protector without risking damaging your cards.

Due to current worldwide shortages of these plastic card sleeves, we've had to temporarily increase the price of this add-on. We're sorry for the inconvenience and we do plan to adjust the price back down when supply stabilizes.