PAX West 2023

LRG at PAX West 2023

We hope you’re looking forward to PAX West!

The show is on the horizon and will be here before you know it, so it’s time to fill those schedules and you do not want to miss the industry’s retro restorers and captains of collector’s editions, Limited Run Games! With a show exclusive, interviews, first public demo and press hands on, Limited Run Games is packing a punch at PAX West.

Limited Run Games

Limited Run Games has unlocked the achievement of physically publishing over 1,000 titles, spanning from niche indie games all the way to big collaborations with legends like Konami and LucasArts. The publisher’s Carbon Engine technology powers their company vision “Forever Physical”, enabling well-loved releases from the past to be reunited with gamers on all-new hardware.

Convention Special Edition

Limited Run Games will be treating PAX West goers with a convention special, Knights of the Old Republic II VHS Box Steelbook Edition! Limited Run Games is paying homage to the iconic Knights of the Old Republic II with their signature VHS box-styled steelbook edition. Just for you at PAX West. See the full menu here:

First play

Recently announced at LRG3, Limited Run Games’ own digital showcase, Arzette is setting off on another adventure in Arzette: The Jewel of Faramore coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox and Steam this year. A spiritual successor to a pair of infamous fantasy adventure titles, Arzette: The Jewel of Faramore is an all-new interactive animated adventure featuring the beautiful artistic work of Rob Dunlavey and voiceover talent from games that inspired Arzette including Jeffrey Rath and Bonniejean Wilbur.

Making its public and press debut at PAX West, Arzette: The Jewel of Faramore will be playable via a hands on demo at the show. What’s more, Seth Fulkerson (better known as Dopply) from the development team at Seedy Eye Software, will be on hand to talk you through the game and about it!

At The Mix Fall Onsite Showcase

For the very first time, The Mix will be hosting a free offsite event alongside their digital showcase at PAX West this year, and guess what? Limited Run Games will be there, armed with merch, games and special guests galore. Open to the public, you’ll find the September 1st offsite showcase near the PAX West convention center, you can register here.

Come along, check out the LRG pop-up shop and be in for a chance to win some Limited Run Games giveaway prizes too! They’re also planning to demo an unannounced game at the Limited Run booth. Tune into The MIX Next showcase 10am PT / 1pm ET on August 31st at to find out more and book a media appointment for a hands-on demo of the gaming. 

River City Girls Signing

River City director Bannon Rudis and artist David Liu will be at the booth signing. Limited Run will have an offering of RCG merch and games available for purchase to have signed. Signatures are free and open to all who attend PAX, 4PM on Saturday at the LRG booth.

Limited Run Games:

is a subsidiary of “Freemode”, an operative group comprised of gaming and entertainment companies owned by Embracer. Limited Run Games is the industry leader in the production and distribution of premium physical video games. Limited Run seeks to celebrate the legacy of gaming through its award-winning collector’s editions. Founded in 2015, they have published over 1,000 physical games, exclusive merch, and collectables. Limited Run is the gold standard in bringing digital games to physical form and now re-releasing retro titles on modern platforms via their proprietary Carbon Engine. Visit for the latest offerings and to learn more about Carbon Engine development. Follow the brand on your social media platform of choice for all LRG-related updates:@limitedrungames.

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