Limited Run is Partnered with Purple Dot!

You Shared, We Listened: Introducing Purple Dot, Our Trusted Pre-order Partner

At Limited Run Games, we understand the passion and anticipation of pre-ordering our latest titles and games.  Transparently, we know we’ve missed the mark on our pre-order process in the past. There are many moving parts in the creation of a Limited Run game, and this complicated process is often difficult to communicate. Your feedback has not gone unheard, and we want to ensure that your support of physical games is rewarded with better communication, more transparency, and a true guarantee that your favorite games are destined to make it home to you. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Purple Dot to power our process going forward. 

Our Commitment to Transparency 

Purple Dot allows us to share more precise estimated ship dates for every single pre-order product on our website—so you’ll know exactly when to expect it. If those dates change, you will automatically be updated over email by Purple Dot. You can check your pre-order status anytime by logging into a dedicated pre-order self-serve tool, change your shipping address, or amend your pre-order anytime before it ships. No need to open a support ticket!

Putting *You* in Control of Shipping

We’ve put a lot of effort into modernizing and updating our warehouse, and the next step is making shipping work on our customer’s timeline. With Purple Dot, we can partially ship your pre-order when individual items are ready to go. In the checkout, you can choose whether to ship your pre-order items together or have us send each item separately—putting you in control of when your ready items ship.

In the future, we’ll be expanding these shipping options even further soon: Stay tuned!

Pre-order Protected by Purple Dot 

At Limited Run Games, we are proudly committed to producing the best physical products in the business, even if it sometimes takes a while. For extra assurance, Purple Dot guarantees that your pre-order will ship or you’ll get your money back. Your money is kept safe and available until we ship—keeping us accountable! You are even free to reach out to them directly for an independent update on your pre-order. 

Putting Your Passion First

In an industry that is increasingly digital-only, we firmly believe that physical games play a critical role in the community. They aren't just products; they're a tangible expression of your enthusiasm and dedication to gaming and its ongoing history. Our mission is to celebrate the importance of physical games, preserving the excitement of unboxing a new title, the weight of it in your hands, and the joy of adding it to your collection.

As we embark on this reimagined pre-order experience and roll out these new changes over the next few weeks, we welcome your thoughts and opinions. Your feedback has been invaluable in shaping the Limited Run Games experience, and we're eager to continue evolving with your input.

Together, we can continue to celebrate games, the people who make them, and the history behind them in the most tangible way. #ForeverPhysical

Looking For Your Orders?

For all orders placed before Jan. 8th 2024, you can visit your account page. Starting in 2024, to edit or see pre-orders through Purple Dot, you can go to manage pre-orders. Note that non-pre-ordered, in-hand items will still appear on your LRG account page. 

If you have further questions about Purple Dot or our pre-order process, please check out our FAQ here or reach out to us directly. 

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