Prepare your Zorchers! The Flemoids have overrun Bazoik & only you can stop them. Chex Quest, the game of your childhood, is getting a limited physical edition for the PC! Get your copy during its four-week pre-order period, starting this Friday, April 17 at 10am ET.


Can't get enough of Chex Quest? Us neither. We've made a special Chex Warrior Edition of Chex Quest for PC, featuring enamel pins, a t-shirt, a FULL SCALE ZORCHER REPLICA (!), and more... available during a four-week pre-order starting this Friday, April 17 at 10am ET.

Get the funkiest, freshest breakfast beats for your record player... we're stoked to be publishing Chex Quest's soundtrack on vinyl! Pre-orders open April 17 at 10am ET.

April 14, 2020