DOOM ETERNAL March 2023 Update



What’s up, Doomslayers? We’ve got some hellishly good news to share about DOOM Eternal, so strap in and read on to find out when your order will be ready.


Final proofing is underway before manufacturing, so the Switch carts will begin printing very soon. Shipment of the Standard Editions will commence in Q2 2023, a little past the Q1 date we had initially estimated, but only by a few weeks.


The SteelBooks have arrived in our warehouse! Once the Standard Editions are in hand, we’ll send them to our assembler alongside the slipcase. We expect them to follow after the Standard Editions ship in Q2 2023, a little ahead of our original completion date. That date may slip back into Q3, but we’ll check in again in June.

DOOM Steelbook


We’re still waiting on the extra Special Edition components included in this collection, which are currently being manufactured. However, no delays are in sight, so we still think we will hit the original estimated finish of Q3 2023, right around the 8-9 month mark post-pre-orders ending.


The Ultimate Edition of DOOM Eternal is our most epic DOOM collector’s edition ever made, and as such, it will take time to get it done. Though we initially hoped it would finish in Q3 2023, our production team estimates that it will take until Q4 2023 for this collection to come together.

However, we’ll be with you every step of the way on this one, with new DOOM Eternal updates every three months until it arrives at your doorstep!


We love helmets here at Limited Run, and we just got the DOOM Eternal Phobos helmets hot off the press!

You can find the switch (and battery compartment) behind the removable mouthpiece at the front of the helmet. Give it a flip and watch it glow. Now that’s the ambiance you need to raze hell!

DOOM Eternal Helmet

We’ll start shipping these helmets to those who purchased them individually ASAP.

At the time time, we also got those wicked DOOM Eternal skate decks in stock. It’s the same deal. They’ll be going out in standalone orders in the next few weeks, and we’ll hold the rest for those who bundled theirs with games.

Our last two merch items, the trading card set and the t-shirt, are still in production. We estimate that these will finish up in Q2 2023.


We’ll be back in June 2023 with more DOOM Eternal Updates. Until then, follow us @limitedrungames on social media or subscribe to our newsletter for more updates. And if you need help, reach out to our support team. They’ll be happy to assist!

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