Experience the latest chapter of Ryo Hazuki's epic journey in its entirety with our exclusive release of the Shenmue III Complete Edition for PS4. This includes the core game and all DLC on disc. Orders open tomorrow, November 20th, at 10 AM ET at limitedrungames.com.

Listen to the greatest hits of the Shenmue III soundtrack with our 2-LP OST on gold and silver vinyl.

If you know exactly which parts of the soundtrack you'd like to hear — we have the full Definitive Soundtrack split into two volumes, each with unique outer boxes.

For fans who just can't get enough of Shenmue and want the whole experience: get the Definitive Shenmue III Soundtrack — an 11-LP vinyl set!

We'll also have the Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 outer boxes available to buy separately, if you'd like to re-house them.

Pre-orders open tomorrow, November 20th at 10am ET.

November 19, 2020