We found an issue with PayPal users using the previous hold method. It was giving those users issues when checking out saying "incorrect city and/or zip code". Since hold city is a fake city Paypal would reject the order until they entered a correct city for that zip code. Below is the new method for doing hold orders. We will update our site shortly.


How this works:


Step 1: For each Order that you would like held: Check out normally, but set your shipping address to: 


            Address 1: 1 Hold St.

            City: Dulles
            State: VA
            Zip Code: 20101

            Country: United States


For security and tracking purposes, please make sure to create a Limited Run Games account and login to that at checkout versus checking out as a guest. Orders placed as a guest stand to be misplaced or lost, especially if you have a common name.


The Zip Code is the most important part since this is how orders will be filtered. Please make sure it is entered correctly.

This will allow you to pay the domestic rate for shipping (typically $5.50) on your orders and have them held at our office for later shipment.

Make sure to use your actual name with this address as items will be held under your name. 


Step 2: When you are ready to have your order shipped Purchase the "Ship Items" item here: https://limitedrungames.com/products/ship-items?variant=35382164035

                When you checkout with the "Ship Items" in your cart make sure to enter the correct address, you will be charged regular shipping based on your address.

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