It's time to break the law. Preorders open for the PC LawBreakers Collector's Edition.

Formerly known under the code name “Project Bluestreak”- LawBreakers is a new team-based FPS title that’s all about getting off the ground and competing in gravity-defying combat. Created by Boss Key Productions, a new studio based in the heart of downtown Raleigh, North Carolina and founded in 2014 by industry legends Cliff Bleszinski and Arjan Brussee, this title has streamers, YouTubers and fans HYPED. 

Developed right in our own backyard, LawBreakers blew players away during its Summer Beta. It brings a unique brand of fast-paced, high-skill, gameplay that FPS fans have been clamoring for. We're beyond thrilled to work with a team of veteran talent who have significantly impacted our home turf and helped to build it up as a thriving hub for the gaming industry. 

Despite the heavy workload preparing for final launch at their studio - this physical version has been a labor of love from Boss Key Productions to ensure gamers have a way to put LawBreakers on their shelf and celebrate the release.  

We're beyond thrilled to present the LawBreakers Collector’s Edition!

This limited edition, individually numbered, big-box physical PC release of Lawbreakers features a mix of premium digital and physical content:
  • [Digital] Deadzo Deluxe Edition - the core LawBreakers game plus exclusive weapon and character skins - a $39.99 value (redeemable on Steam)
  • [Physical] Abaddon’s Journal - a journal ripped from the LawBreakers game world, featuring 50+ pages containing original fiction, art, and blank, functional, journal pages - a $19.99 value (final design may vary from mockup)
  • [Physical] Two LawBreakers ultra premium character card packs featuring thick card stock and foil - one pack for each faction (LAW and BREAKERS) - a $9.99 value
  • [Physical] Exclusive vinyl LawBreakers sticker set plus a Deadzo sticker and postcard - a $4.99 value
  • [Physical] Premium individually numbered box issued by order of purchase. The box is 7.75" x 9.5" x 1.75" - the same box dimensions as many classic PC games from the 80s and 90s. The box design features embossing and will be printed with a beautiful metallic silver ink.
Your digital deluxe Steam key will be delivered via email to ensure that no matter what, you’re defying gravity on release day, August 8!

    Orders for this item will be open until Friday, July 7th at midnight. Once closed, there will be no new units produced. Any items purchased alongside this pre-order will not ship until this item is ready to ship.

    The PS4 version of the game will be available on August 4th, 2017 - in both standard and collector's editions.

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