Limited Run Games Unveils 33 
New Physical Releases at LRG3 Summer Showcase

Limited Run Games Unveils 33 
New Physical Releases at LRG3 Summer Showcase


Limited Run Games Unveils 33 
New Physical Releases at LRG3 Summer Showcase

Titles Developed with the Carbon Engine Emulation Tool Include 
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Retro Collection, 
A Boy and His Blob Retro Collection, Shantae, and More

APEX, North Carolina — June 6, 2022 — Limited Run Games believes your favorite games should be available in physical format in a place of prominence with your most cherished collector’s items. Today, Limited Run Games reveals 33 new titles for over eight different platforms during its annual LRG3 summer showcase which aired on The digital event was co-hosted by co-founders Josh Fairhurst and Douglas Bogart and produced in partnership with Mega64. Highlights include STAR WARS: Knights of the Old Republic II, Konami Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection, a Shantae statue reveal, DOOM Eternal, and a tease of the highly anticipated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge Collector’s Editions! 

In addition, four new titles developed with Limited Run Games’ Carbon Engine emulation tool were also spotlighted. Titles included Bill & Ted's Excellent Retro Collection, Rendering Ranger R-2, A Boy and His Blob Retro Collection, and Shantae for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. These games join River City Girls Zero and the original Shantae in the highly coveted and growing catalog of revitalized retro classics now available on modern platforms from Limited Run Games.

“Limited Run Games has always been best known for our bespoke high-quality collector’s editions – and that’s not something we plan on changing anytime soon,” said Josh Fairhurst, Co-Founder at Limited Run Games. “But a lot of folks may not realize we also help develop games and we’re beyond excited to be able to share an early look at retro classics made with our Carbon Engine, like Bill & Ted’s Excellent Retro Adventure and A Boy and His Blob Retro Collection, coming soon for modern platforms.”

Limited Run Games also announced continued key partnerships with KONAMI, WayForward, LucasFilm Games, along with a host of beloved – new and ongoing - game companies. This year’s LRG3 lineup represents some of the best talent and games in the industry, which Limited Run Games is proud to be able to partner with in its mission to increase accessibility and preservation of great games in physical format.

"LRG3 is our favorite event of the year because it gives us an opportunity to share what we have planned directly with our amazing community,” said Douglas Bogart, Co-Founder at Limited Run Games. “This year’s event was the most exciting showcase yet thanks to the line-up of games from our amazing developer and publishing partners.”

The full list of announced Limited Run Games (in alphabetical order):

Titles revealed during LRG3 2022 are scheduled for release in 2022 and 2023. Limited Run Games will offer more details and plans for each game in the coming weeks and months.


Limited Run Games:

is a subsidiary of “Freemode”, an operative group comprised of gaming and entertainment companies owned by Embracer. Limited Run Games is the industry leader in the production and distribution of premium physical video games. Limited Run seeks to celebrate the legacy of gaming through its award-winning collector’s editions. Founded in 2015, they have published over 1,000 physical games, exclusive merch, and collectables. Limited Run is the gold standard in bringing digital games to physical form and now re-releasing retro titles on modern platforms via their proprietary Carbon Engine. Visit for the latest offerings and to learn more about Carbon Engine development. Follow the brand on your social media platform of choice for all LRG-related updates:@limitedrungames.

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