Listen Now: The First Episode of the Limited Run Games Podcast Is Live!

By Jeremy Parish

If you’re like most of the rest of the world, chances are pretty good right now that you’re going a little stir-crazy from being housebound for the past week or two, with no real end to it in sight. We at Limited Run Games can’t do anything to change the overall state of things, but we’d certainly like to help make these days of quarantine and social distancing a little more pleasant any way we can. And so, what better time than now to launch a brand-new podcast? The CDC says we shouldn’t actually be inside your home right now, but we can be there virtually thanks to this very first episode of our new podcast. 

Invite our voices into your sanctuary here, or download us below:

This 80-minute episode is broken into two separate segments. First, I sit down with Joe
Modzeleski and Caroline Liddick to talk about some of the games we’ve recently put up for sale: Namely, Star Wars: Rebel Assault, realMyst, and The Secret of Monkey Island. (They also mention Animal Crossing, which Limited Run is not selling.) In the second segment, co-founders Josh Fairhurst and Douglas Bogart join in to discuss our recent announcement of legendary PC adventure game Blade Runner for Switch and PlayStation 4, courtesy of our friends at Nightdive Studios… but mostly, Douglas and Josh want to talk about their feverish excitement for finally playing Phantasy Star Online 2.

As you might expect, this show is very much in its early days. We’re still sorting out the final format and length of the show, as well as figuring out the particulars of our new recording gear. (On that note, my apologies for the background noise and inconsistent audio levels throughout this episode—we’ll have the new gear broken in by the time the next episode launches.) 

Let us know what you think! Do you like the lineup? The format? The discussion? Should we go off-topic less often? More often? We want to hear your feedback!

Minor sound issues aside, we hope you’ll enjoy the conversation enough to join us for future endeavors. Things may change a lot across our first few episodes, especially now that most of the people you hear on this episode have begun working remotely rather than in the same office space. We’ll make it happen, though, because we have plenty to say about our games… and other games, too.

The Limited Run Games Podcast Episode 1 description:

Welcome to the show! Please don't mind the dust and audio issues; we're still sorting things out.

For our freshman effort in podcasting, Caroline Liddick, Joe Modzeleski, Jeremy Parish, Josh Fairhurst, and Douglas Bogart talk about what they're playing and what we've recently released. Star Wars! realMyst! The Secret of Monkey Island! Animal Crossing?!

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