Mark your calendar for the Blow Out Sale on January 1, 2020!

Expect to see leftover copies of some of our popular titles from this year, and a few from years past! Blind boxes will also make a return during this sale - and within each box is a chance to get one of our popular releases for the lowest MSRP for the console!

A note about our Blow Out Sale: Limited Run doesn't reprint any previous titles. The supply we have for this sale comes from the small amount of games we keep in our warehouse for replacements*. Anything we have leftover goes into this annual sale. This means that quantities are even more limited than normal - so please keep that in mind going into January 1.

*With every release we must hold back 5 - 10% of our stock for replacements to account for shipping errors. Nintendo also requires us to order games to the nearest 1,000 copies - so if we sell 9,001 copies via preorder, we have to run 10,000. Eventually we have to sell these leftovers and we've done this annually on January 1st to help clear out space for the new year. We also sell these leftovers in person at events like PAX and our Pop-Up Shop-Up. 

December 18, 2019