LRG Castlevania Art Contest Winners!

First off, we want to thank everyone who entered our art contest! We were overwhelmed by the entries and the talent each of you showcased in your pieces, so it was not an easy decision for our staff to pick just a handful of winners. We saw everything from digital media to traditional painting, from papercraft to sewing, and a whole lot of artistic talent on display!

We hope that everyone enjoys the art showcased below, a reminder that Castlevania fans are a passionate and talented bunch.

Each of them will receive an Ultimate Edition of Castlevania Anniversary Edition, a Tom duBois signed poster, and a Castlevania Pixel Frame.

Since we loved everyone's entries so much, as an additional surprise we're going to send everyone who entered a free gift! Look out in the mail in the coming months for a special surprise. 

Congratulations to our winners: Gabal_asp3r, and Walder Johan

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