Hi everyone! It's been a minute since we've updated you on how we're working during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Please read this entire blog post for our full shipping & operations updates.

During our last update, we moved a few ETAs to Q2 (which ends on June 30). We're confident in hitting that for nearly every product, however we wanted to update you on a few products that have hit additional snags & been moved into Q3:

  • Forgotton Anne (Standard & CE)
  • Jak X (CE & Daxtermobiles)
  • The Missing vinyl OST
  • Vitamin Connection (Standard & CE)

As a reminder, this means that any order that contains these items (such as Mega-Bundles, or orders with multiple games) will not ship until every item is in-hand.

Regarding our own operations, we have moved back to having a fully-staffed shipping team... with some caveats.

To comply with our current Safer-At-Home order, we have maintained increased cleaning & distancing. This means our shipping team has been split into two groups and is alternating workdays. We're still shipping out games slightly slower than normal, but with the COVID-19 delays in other parts of our pipeline, this means that shipping is nearly caught up! And don't worry, we're continuing to plan for potential increased shipping needs if/when we get a sudden influx of ready-to-ship products.

We know we shocked some of you when we started shipping out games again. It's been awesome to see posts when you get your LRG packages all over social media (keep tagging us in your unboxings!), and we hope that your new games have been some respite during all of this.

May 27, 2020