We just wanted to extend our warmest gratitude to everyone who attended, promoted, or got a friend to come down to our Pop-Up Shop-Up at the Cary Towne Center this past weekend.

The Pop-Up Shop-Up started as an idea in Josh's head — something that was intangible and potentially impossible. But if we could publish physical games in a world that was trending towards digital, couldn't we open up a physical retail location? After several months of work from a few of our employees, and then a few days of "all hands on deck" from the entire staff, the idea became a reality.

Throughout Saturday and Sunday, we got to talk to a lot of LRG fans (over 700 of you showed up!) who had driven for hours, flown in from out-of-state, and even some that were local to our area. We bonded over a shared love of video games. Our buddies — Sam from Naughty Dog, Adam from WayForward, and Tyler from Screaming Villains — got to share game development stories from some of our favorite titles.

We are so happy to be a small part of your lives, and we're even happier to be a part of this clan of folks who care about video games — who want to hold their favorite game in their hand, display it on a shelf, or carry it with them from home to home. Let's do it again sometime!



Limited Run Games

Limited Run Games:

the industry leader in the production and distribution of premium physical video games. Founded in 2015, they have published over 1,000 physical games and soundtracks in addition to winning a number of awards for their bespoke Collector’s Editions. Limited Run is the gold standard in bringing digital games to physical form for casual fans and collectors alike. Visit limitedrungames.comfor the latest offerings, or follow the brand on your social media platform of choice for all LRG-related updates:@limitedrungames.

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