We just wanted to extend our warmest gratitude to everyone who attended, promoted, or got a friend to come down to our Pop-Up Shop-Up at the Cary Towne Center this past weekend.

The Pop-Up Shop-Up started as an idea in Josh's head — something that was intangible and potentially impossible. But if we could publish physical games in a world that was trending towards digital, couldn't we open up a physical retail location? After several months of work from a few of our employees, and then a few days of "all hands on deck" from the entire staff, the idea became a reality.

Throughout Saturday and Sunday, we got to talk to a lot of LRG fans (over 700 of you showed up!) who had driven for hours, flown in from out-of-state, and even some that were local to our area. We bonded over a shared love of video games. Our buddies — Sam from Naughty Dog, Adam from WayForward, and Tyler from Screaming Villains — got to share game development stories from some of our favorite titles.

We are so happy to be a small part of your lives, and we're even happier to be a part of this clan of folks who care about video games — who want to hold their favorite game in their hand, display it on a shelf, or carry it with them from home to home. Let's do it again sometime!



Limited Run Games

November 25, 2019