Douglas was recently interviewed by Retro-Replay.

Here is snippet:

[RR] Do you think the digital industry is hurting the gaming world?

[LRG] I think it is only in the sense that it is hurting physical games. When digital games get de-listed and there is no physical game it hurts from a preservation standpoint.

[RR] I see. So some games may get lost in time. I mean if a digital game is exclusive to a system only with no hard copies then it dies with the system. Is that correct?

[LRG] That is correct. It can only exist as a pirated version and a lot of people, myself included don’t want to mod their systems.

[RR] How do you feel about console emulation? Just curious.

[LRG] Not a fan really. Everything always feels way more unstable than the real deal.

[RR] When did you guys realize that you were only going to press a limited number of games? Clearly, the name is limited run games but was that always the plan?

[LRG] We realize the best way for us to stay in business was to have a limited stock. If we kept everything open we would have to order thousands of extra copies that may never sell and go out of business.

[RR] Great business model. And it looks like you guys are going full bore. Do you guys have a cap for how many games you want to release each month? I see those numbers have been rising.

[LRG] Our goal is only 2-4 games max a month. We are currently at a point where we had signed a bunch of games previously that are all ready at the same time…

[RR] Exactly how many games has your company published?

[LRG] We are at 75 games currently.

[RR] Wow. What do you think you’ll be at by Year’s End?

[LRG] Definitely over 100!


July 27, 2017