Shantae March 2023 Update

Shantae Update

Greetings from Paradise Island!

March 2023 Shantae Update

We’re coming at you LIVE from Paradise Island with a big Shantae update. Read on to find the latest info about when you can expect your Shantae goodies to arrive.


Collector’s Editions of Shantae and the Seven Sirens for PS5 are currently being assembled. Units will arrive and begin shipping out near the beginning of Q2 2023. Although that pushes our estimated ship date back by one quarter, we can assure you that the wait for this tropical adventure is almost over!


Let’s run down where we are with the remaining Seven Sirens merch. Whether you bought a single item or the Seven Sirens fan bundle, here’s when we expect production to finish:

  • 2LP Vinyl Soundtrack—These are in transit to us! We hope to have them ship out in Q2 2023!
  • Mini Arcade Cabinet—These are also in transit to us but will need a little extra time to be packed into their outer boxes. We estimate shipping in Q2 2023
  • Blister Pack Acrylic Figures—Almost complete! This will also ship out in Q2 2023!

Remember, if you ordered a Fan Bundle, you can expect your order to ship once all the included items are available. This will likely happen near the middle or end of Q2 2023.


STANDARD EDITIONS: we’re hard at work getting the Shantae Standard Editions ready to print. We just put in our order to get the disks printed. Once the game releases digitally on the PlayStation Store, those will be manufactured straight away. Once the release date of the digital game is announced, we’ll be back with an updated ETA for the physical edition.

Similarly, COLLECTOR’S EDITIONS are also being worked on so they can come down the line shortly after Standard Editions of Shantae on PlayStation. We’re getting some final approvals locked in, and manufacturing will start soon.


Were you looking for your Shantae 1 merch? Here’s where we’re at in production.

  • Skateboard Deck—We’re in the sampling phase with these. Since this one has such a cool finish, we want to get it right before manufacturing the entire run.
  • POG Set—These are on the way to us and will ship in Q2 2023
  • Shantae Collectible Card Set—These cards are printing and will be in your hands in Q2 2023.
  • Shantae and the Pirate's Curse 2LP Vinyl Soundtrack—These are being pressed right now! We’ll have them sometime in Q2 2023 and get them to you later in the quarter. We should have them around our next Shantae update, so we will provide a more accurate shipping time then.

And remember, if you ordered one of our Fan or Mega Bundles, your order will ship once all the contents are ready!


Refinement takes time, and we’re spending it fine-tuning the mold for the Shantae Anniversary Statue. We’re working closely with her creators to bring the 2D heroine into glorious, real-world 3D, so hang tight and expect a more extensive progress report in our next Shantae update!


We’re signing off for now, but we’ll catch you again in our next Shantae Update, May 2023. Until then, follow us @limitedrungames on social media or subscribe to our newsletter for more updates. And if you need help, reach out to our support gurus. They’ll be happy to assist!

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