By Jeremy Parish

The (as-yet untitled) Limited Run Podcast kicked off a couple of weeks ago, and true to our word, we have another episode for you. As you might expect, there have been some pretty significant upheavals in our production process between the debut show and this most recent episode. Namely, we’re not allowed to record together in person anymore. Just like all your favorite anchors on the nightly news, we’re running this show remotely for the time being—but even if we’re all scattered to the four winds, the show (as with Limited Run Games as a whole) must go on.

To maintain some manner of continuity, all the voices from our first episode return to share their thoughts on the current Limited Run Games lineup, discuss the games that are keeping us going during North Carolina’s lockdown, and offer a little insight into how Limited Run Games continues to tick along even while our offices have become a no-fly zone.  

And don’t forget—the contest mentioned last time around is still active! 

The Limited Run Games Podcast Episode 2 description:

This week, Caroline Liddick, Joe Modzeleski, Jeremy Parish, Josh Fairhurst, and Douglas Bogart talk business—how Limited Run is ticking along despite the pandemic lockdown!—as well as our latest game offerings, and how games are keeping us sane.


April 06, 2020