By Jeremy Parish

Very little about the world feels normal right now, yet Limited Run Games continues to soldier ahead with a steady stream of incredible games on physical media (and often in elaborate packaging). But what does that mean on a day-to-day basis? For this week’s episode, I check in with one half of the skeleton crew that’s keeping the shipping room up and running within government-approved health guidelines. Jeremy Campbell gives us the lowdown on how the tiny team still working daily from our offices is keeping the gears turning… and also about his love for Jedi Outcast.

I also check in with Josh and Douglas to see what’s caught their interest lately (spoilers: It’s pretty much all Final Fantasy VII Remake and Phantasy Star Online 2). Oh, and we also go deep into the backstory of our new release of Chex Quest.

Finally, one final reminder: This is your last call for the podcast name entries! Win cool stuff by being creative and following the directions mentioned in the show!

The Limited Run Games Podcast Episode 3 description:

This week, we touch base with Jeremy Campbell from the shipping office skeleton crew to talk about business during work-from-home era, then dive into Chex Quest and the Final Fantasy VII remake with Josh Fairhurst and Douglas Bogart.


April 20, 2020