Limited Run #456: Winds & Leaves OST Bundle (PSVR)

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Limited Run #456: Winds & Leaves OST Bundle (PSVR)
Limited Run #456: Winds & Leaves OST Bundle (PSVR)
Limited Run #456: Winds & Leaves OST Bundle (PSVR)

Limited Run #456: Winds & Leaves OST Bundle (PSVR)

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Create something from nothing and uncover lost secrets of a world forgotten

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Product Details

Winds & Leaves is on a region-free physical disc for the PSVR. 

This item is limited to 500 copies

Track List

  1. Panemona
  2. Beginning
  3. Time Flies
  4. The Cradle
  5. Discovery
  6. Barren World
  7. Gift Of Life
  8. Scorched Plains
  9. Awakening
  10. River Of Time
  11. Whispers Of The Past
  12. Interlude
  13. Boreal
  14. Time Mill
  15. Across The Emptyness
  16. Gardener's Tale
  17. Portals
  18. Nocturnal Steppe
  19. Willow Wisps
  20. The Calm Before The Storm
  21. Overcoming
  22. Credits

Bonus Track: Announcement Trailer 

Genre: Adventure, Simulation

# of Players: 1 Player

Supported Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

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About the Game

Create something from nothing and uncover lost secrets of a world forgotten

Learn to read the signs of the various climates, awaken old landmarks, and grow your own forests in this PlayStation VR flora builder.

Stranded in a barren landscape, you are the only being capable of mastering the ancient art of growing vegetation. 

Journey across the Steppe to discover landmarks left behind from a previous time. Uncover their secrets in order to unlock new equipment and gather ancient dormant seed varieties. Find the perfect conditions to plant them in and you'll witness magnificent trees grow to maturity and transform the landscape.

Key features

A flora builder:

Grow a rich and diverse forest from nothing using a unique genetics system letting you create different tree species to adapt to the various biomes and weather.

A world's past to uncover:

Explore an intriguing ever-changing world on your stilts, a movement system specifically made for PlayStation VR. Stumble on ancient structures and awaken them to discover their secrets.

An immersive 'living' soundtrack:

Feel fully immersed in the world you've created with a living soundtrack that reacts to the environment around you, and dynamic time and weather simulation.

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