UNDERNIGHT IN-BIRTH II [Sys:Celes] Limited Edition (Switch)

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UNDERNIGHT IN-BIRTH II [Sys:Celes] Limited Edition (Switch)
UNDERNIGHT IN-BIRTH II [Sys:Celes] Limited Edition (Switch)
UNDERNIGHT IN-BIRTH II [Sys:Celes] Limited Edition (Switch)
UNDERNIGHT IN-BIRTH II [Sys:Celes] Limited Edition (Switch)

UNDERNIGHT IN-BIRTH II [Sys:Celes] Limited Edition (Switch)

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Sep 1 – Sep 30
Mild Blood
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The newest riveting installment in the epic Under Night In-Birth saga rises from the Abyss! Improved visuals and battle system! Witness the curtain fall on the tale of the Hollow Night. Vie for supremacy through exhilarating combat and a deep, robust battle system!

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UNDERNIGHT IN-BIRTH II [Sys:Celes] is on a region-free physical cart for the Nintendo Switch. This is an open pre-order for a limited time. 

PRE-ORDERS CLOSE ON SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2024 AT 11:59 PM EASTERN TIME.This release is not a part of the Limited Run Games Collection and is not a numbered release. We are distributing this title on behalf of Arc System Works. Missing out on this release will not compromise a complete Limited Run set.

UNDERNIGHT IN-BIRTH II [Sys:Celes] Limited Edition includes:

  • Physical Copy of UNDERNIGHT IN-BIRTH II [Sys:Celes] for Nintendo Switch
  • Exclusive Collector's Box
  • 88 Page Artbook
  • Character Pack DLC
  • Blu-Ray Movie - includes opening movies from the previous series and the new UNI2.
  • Soundtrack - 24 songs

Genre: Action, Fighting 

# of Players: 1-2 (Online Play: Maximum 9 players)

Supported Languages:  Japanese, English, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, Italian, German, Spanish

Supported Play Modes: TV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode

PLEASE NOTE: There is no purchase limit on this item. This item is currently in manufacturing and artwork is subject to change. ESRB versions will ship from the US and PEGI version will ship from the EU.

About the Game

Sys:Celes sinks towards ruination.

For the Immortalize, the collapse of all that is, looms on the horizon.

The curtain rises on the final chapter of the Hollow Night. Catastrophe beckons...

Experience the Dramatic Stylish 2D Fighting Action in the latest entry of the UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH series!

The first numbered sequel in the series!

Choose from a roster of 24 total characters, with renewed visuals!

3 new characters join the battle: Moonlight Dancer ""Twin Barrel Beauty"" Kaguya, Indomitable Rampart ""Steel Guardian"" Tsurugi, and Endless Entity ""Eternal Re-Birth"" Kuon.

You won’t be able to take your eyes off the intense battles between these 24 fighters with the highly detailed HD pixel art graphics!

Simple inputs make it easy to jump into the fray!

New to fighting games? Not a problem – simple inputs mean even beginners can pull off moves with a single button!

Now supporting rollback netcode for an improved online experience!

With the addition of Casual Matches, it’s easier than ever before to dive in and enjoy online battles.

Introducing new moves and game mechanics!

All characters now boast new moves, such as Hyde’s Blaring Outrage and Linne’s Soaring Dragon.

The new game mechanics Creeping Edge and Celestial Vorpal open up additional depth to gameplay.

The final chapter! A new tale of the Hollow Night…

Sever the cycle. An end to the endless.

May the tale of these countless Nights be concluded, on this eve, the moment of destiny.

A long-awaited continuation to the tale of the Hollow Night unfolds!

Unlock the Ultimate Gaming Experience with Our Pre-Order Bonus!

Get ready for an extraordinary gaming journey with our exclusive Pre-Order Bonus! When you pre-order UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH II SYS:CELES, you’ll receive an incredible package that includes a FREE season pass and instant access to the enigmatic Kuon character.

Kuon, an unlockable character already featured in the base game roster, will be at your fingertips from the moment you dive into the Hollow Night. No need to invest playing time to unlock this hidden gem – Kuon is yours to command right from the start. It’s all part of the bonus package.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to take your In-Birth experience to the next level. Pre-order now and enjoy the perks of an unlocked Kuon character, along with all the thrilling content our season pass has in store for you. Secure your copy today and be ready to embark on the final chapter in the Hollow Night!

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