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Earthworm Jim Anthology Soundtrack Vinyl


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Composed by Guinness World Record holder and creator of Video Games Live; Tommy Tallarico, the multi award winning Earthworm Jim Anthology album is now available for pre-order for its October 20, 2017 worldwide vinyl release. The music from the games Earthworm Jim 1 & 2 won 5 major industry awards for Best Music in 1994 & 1995. It helped to redefine what gaming platforms at the time were capable of achieving. German record label and vinyl distributor Black Screen Records will be releasing the beautiful 4 sided 180g double vinyl to fans around the world which will include previously unreleased tracks, remixes and a completely remastered vinyl experience like none other.

The Limited Collector’s Edition comes in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with new and original artwork by Earthworm Jim artist Katherine Garner aka. Lemm/Rocket Worm ( & The packaging includes liner notes by Tommy Tallarico and two amazing full-colored “heart boxer shorts” and “cow pattern” inner sleeves on heavyweight off-set paper. The complete artwork will be refined with a matte finish and a special glossy spot varnish to highlight the incredible illustrations. The LP album will be pressed on “Groooovy!” limited Earthworm Jim flesh colored and opaque Snott colored vinyl. This Limited Collector’s Edition also comes with a unique download code that enables the customer to download the full digital soundtrack as well!

“Woah Nellie!” Get your super suit and blaster ready to celebrate and enjoy one of the most memorable and fun video game soundtracks of all time... on glorious vinyl!

Artwork by Katherine Garner aka. Lemm/Rocket Worm

Mastered for vinyl by Christian Bethge at RAMA Tonstudio 
Vinyl produced & distributed by Black Screen Records


A1. Invertebrate Retreat (Subterranean Remix) 
A2. Tangerine 
A3. Subterranean 
A4. Falling 
A5. Banjo Race 
A6. Tropical Paradise 
A7. Junkit 

B1. Wormaphobic Disorder (Tangerine Remix) 
B2. Submerged 
B3. Snot A Problem 
B4. Moonlight Sonata (3rd Movement) 
B5. Glow Worm Jim (Subterranean Radio Edit Remix) 
B6. Italian Medley 

C1. What the Heck (The Oneups Remix) 
C2. The Moo Tango 
C3. Buttville 
C4. Early Bird (Junkit Remix) 
C5. Doobeedowapbop 
C6. Psycrow 
C7. Darkworm Rag 
C8. 80's Annelid 
C9. Lorenzen's Dirt (Subterranean Remix) 

D1. Dixieland Finale 
D2. Continue to Rock 
D3. Dad's Tune 
D4. The Big Top Polka 
D5. Keyz To New Junk City (Junkit Remix) 
D6. Party Time 
D7. Intestinal Distress (Previously Unreleased) 
D8. Earthworm Jim (Video Game Live Montage)