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Falconeer 2LP Soundtrack Vinyl


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Tomas Sala, creator of The Falconer, and Award-winning composer Benedict Nichols bring together an eclectic cathedral of a soundtrack that summons the dual nature of The Falconeer; nuanced, but yet dynamic! Steeped in a sense of nature, the score is layered with the beautiful and frenetic, the soundtrack invokes both the transcendental waters and high-energy of aerial combat by using everything from Mongolian throat-singing to razor-edge synthesis, organs, and Balkan choirs.

With exclusive cover art by illustrator Haley Wakefield, this LP is limited to 500 pressings. It’s a treasure you will need to act swiftly to secure. 

The pre-order window will close December 31st. This item will start manufacturing at the end of the window and is expected to ship up to four months after this date. Final vinyl colour may vary slightly.


LP No °1

Side 1

  1. The Ursee (Part 1) (feat. Tegen Hitchens)
  2. Screams of Battle
  3. This Cold Unending Blighted Landscape
  4. Minor Skirmish
  5. Monks and Miners
  6. Pesky Marauders
  7. Port Remit
  8. Sacred Steps

Side 2

  1. Pirate Hordes
  2. The Freebooters Lament
  3. Spymaster's March (feat. Mikee Goodman)
  4. Filthy Wretched Freebooters
  5. Welcome to Westgate (feat. Tegen Hitchens)
  6. Finest Steel
  7. Northern Whalers (feat. Tegen Hitchens)

LP No °

Side 3

  1. The Ursee (Part 2) (feat. Tegen Hitchens)
  2. Cleftspire
  3. Enter the Fray
  4. Battle Fleets Grow (feat. Tegen Hitchens)
  5. Calls Across the Maw
  6. Atun's Folly (bonus track)
  7. The Great Vaults
  8. Abandoned Observatories (feat. Tegen Hitchens)

Side 4

  1. We Ride the Ancient Weaver
  2. The Reach Awakes (feat. Mikee Goodman)
  3. Basilicus Exitium
  4. What is That?!
  5. Deep Underground
  6. The Path (feat. Mikee Goodman & Carolina Styles)
  7. The Free and the Fallen (feat. Tegen Hitchens)
  8. The Door to Nowhere (bonus track) (feat. Tegen Hitchens)