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Fatal Fury Signed Soundtrack Vinyl


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Fatal Fury soundtrack signed by TARKUN and SNK artist Youichiro Soeda on vinyl. Only 300 made.

SNK, Brave Wave Productions and Limited Run Games are proud to reveal their fifth collaboration, Generation Series 012: Fatal Fury for both CD and vinyl. Known as Garou Densetsu (餓狼伝説) in Japan and originally released for NEOGEO in 1991, Fatal Fury is one of SNK’s earliest, but also most popular 2D fighting games. The soundtrack, composed by TARKUN (Toshikazu Tanaka), features catchy and exciting tunes for each character in the iconic SNK fighters lineup.

This release marks the first time the soundtrack of Fatal Fury will be made available on vinyl. As with all Generation Series and other Brave Wave releases, this release will be remastered specially for vinyl, CD and digital (via a free download code included with the vinyl edition) and restored to the highest possible quality. The rest of the package will include our usual offerings, including high-resolution artwork and liner notes contained in a full-color booklet.

As a special bonus, Side B of the vinyl (the final track on the CD) will contain the track The Hero Raiden -ROF Arrange ver.-, which was originally featured in the 2015 mobile title The Rhythm of Fighters. The bonus track, an arrangement of the original song from Fatal Fury, was composed by TARKUN.

The Signed Edition with 150g silver vinyl will be available from Limited Run Games and BigWax. Signed by TARKUN and SNK artist Youichiro Soeda. 

Side A (18:15) 

  1. Garou Densetsu Title (NEOGEO)
  2. Garou Densetsu Title (MVS)
  3. Fatal Fury Title (NEOGEO)
  4. Fatal Fury Title (MVS) Ver.1
  5. Three Heads Are Better than One (Player Select)
  6. FIGHT! (Battle Start)
  7. The Hooligan of Downtown (Duck King's Theme)
  8. Haremar Faith Capoeira School - Song of the Fight [Believers Will Be Saved] (Richard Meyer's Theme)
  9. The Sea Knows (Michael Max's Theme)
  10. Four Thousand Years of Chinese History (Tung Fu Rue's Theme)
  11. Results Are Everything (Battle Results)
  12. Suspicious Guy (Interrim Demo)
  13. The King Cobra Is Coming (Hwa Jai's Theme)
  14. The Hero Raiden (Raiden's Theme)

Side B  (18:55)

  1. Let's Start (Bonus Game Start)
  2. Keep Going Until the Ends of Hell (Bonus Game Main BGM)
  3. You Are Great! (Bonus Game Victory)
  4. Failure is the Key to Success (Bonus Game Defeat)
  5. Hit by a Stick If You Walk Along the Bridge (Billy Kane's Theme)
  6. Kidnapping (Geese's Subordinates Demo)
  7. Desperate Awakening (Geese Appearance Demo)
  8. A Kiss for Geese (Geese Howard's Theme)
  9. Just a Little Smart Fighting Fellow (2P Battle BGM)
  10. In the Shadows of Victory (Victory Demo)
  11. If You Gaze at Reality (Ending)
  12. I Won't Give Up! (Continue)
  13. Beyond Despair (Game Over)
  14. Enter your name (Battle Records Display)
  15. Fatal Fury Title (MVS) Ver. 2
  16. The Hero Raiden -ROF Arrange ver.-

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Production Status: In Production
Estimated Ship Date: Q3 2020